My favorite shop ever

My absolute favorite place to shop is SHEIN!!!

I am sharing all my favorite pieces this season. I styled some of the pieces in different ways to give you options based on your style. Hope you love the items I chose.

Pink and Black Blazer Search ID 839009

A blazer can never go wrong for me especially since I have meetings and professional functions to attend. I love this blazer so much that I have it in different colors. Let’s be honest a girl can never have too many options.

Mustard Yellow Distressed Denim Jacket Search ID 1610696

I am always down for the street style. I don’t always get to dress up like this but if I feel like it, I know I have the right pieces in my closet. This distressed jacket is a winner in my book. The color was perfect for my Fall wardrobe.

This leopard V neck blouse (Search ID 1279474) can be styled in so many different ways. I love how comfortable the fit is. The style on the left is more of my casual look to do errands and have lunch with a friend. My Stonewash Cat Whiskers Skinny Jeans (Search ID 866658)from Shein is stretchy and comfortable to be in all day. The style on the right was my “I have to visit my husband at work and look professional” look. All I did was throw on my dressy blazer, (Search ID 1314760) also from Shein to add a classier look to a casual relaxed outfit.

Leopard V Neck Blouse

Here is the same v neck blouse (Search ID 1279474) but this time I dressed it up for a much more classier and professional look. I had to attend a meeting so this is the look I went with. I am a pencil skirt kind of gal but if you aren’t like me, throw on a pair of nice slacks and you are still a winner!

Scalloped Trim Blouse Search ID 1501426

I am such a sucker for anything black. I have more than 10 black dresses and they are probably all the same ones. You can never go wrong with a black dress or Hollow Out Scallop Trim Blouse like this one. All I did was throw it over my black dress and boom, just like that, a simple but cute outfit that took all of 5 minutes. Added my red Gucci bag for a pop of color.

Leopard Off The Shoulder Blouse Search ID 1541645

Here I show you yet another way to style a basic black dress. I threw on this off the shoulder leopard blouse. This is such a casual but yet super stylish look that is good for all occasions. I wore this look for a quick simple dinner date with my husband.

Drop Shoulder Tie Dye Hooded Sweatshirt Dress Search ID 1377134

This tie dye hooded sweatshirt dress is so darn comfortable. My husband thought it was an oversized sweater and asked if I was putting pants on before going out. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh men, they just don’t get it. I got my shoes from Shein as well. When in doubt just know that I am almost always in SHEIN from head to toe.

Leopard Print Pajamas Search ID 1590523

You will never catch me in public in my pajamas, no matter how lazy I am or how quick the errand may be. But…….. to be honest if I had to leave the house and had no time to change, this right here is the pajamas I don’t mind being seen in public in. It is so cute and comfortable that you may actually see me doing quick errand or two in.

Sharing another look at two ways of styling one piece. You will hardly catch me wearing jeans and 80% of the time will catch me in a dress whether its Fall or Winter, Spring or Summer. I will rock a dress like no other. The style on the left I styled this Batwing Sleeve Houndstooth Pattern Belted Cardigan (Search ID 1392901) with jeans since it was raining. My jeans (Search ID 816251) from Shein is high waisted and comfortable. The style on the right I wore it with one of the hundreds of black dresses I also got from Shein. Both looks were popping if I may say so myself.

This leopard zippered blouse (Search ID 1573810) is another favorite of mine. I love a zippered blouse. I have large breasts so having a zipper to zip down makes it easier for me to fit into my exact size without worrying about it looking too small on me. Both looks above is my work look but when I threw on my black blazer it just gave it a even more professional and classy finish.

Sexy Leopard Blouse (Search ID 1547574)

This one right here, let me tell you… This sexy leopard blouse (Search ID 1547574)is my husband’s favorite. No I did not wear this to work or any meetings of course not but if I added a black cami I would have. This is my sexy date night look. Just because my skirt is not hiked up way above my knees does not mean it is not a sexy date night look. If I plan on wearing knee length pencil skirt I make sure to wear a very sexy blouse.

This Leopard Print Surplice Front Belted Fitted Dress (Search ID 15656) by far made my husband blush. It was so pleasing to see how he looked at me when I put this number on. This leopard print dress is super sexy. Let me warn you though it is a bit shorter than I’m comfortable in so this will only be a date night dress for me. Even though I would look crazy wearing a faux fur vest (Search ID 1644011) here on a tropical island, it does not mean I can’t own one. I am a super fan of faux fur so I am for sure going to have options in my closet to choose from when I am able to rock some fur.

I love me a good Off Shoulder Striped Rib-knit Bodycon Sweater Dress (Search ID 1488786) and this one is amazing! It is so sexy and I love the off the shoulder look. My husband mentioned how he loved how it showed just enough neck and shoulders and said it was sexy 🙂 I wore this dress for date night and believe it or not it was pretty chilly. I took my teddy bear coat (Search ID 1627191) with me to keep me warm for the walk to and from the car.

Drape Collar Self Belted Houndstooth Vest | SHEIN USA

I don’t know what it is about the holidays but having houndstooth is a must. I love this vest and I showed you once again the two ways I styled it. You can never go wrong with a little black dress. I am a true believer of that. Which style is more of your style? With jeans or with a little black dress?

Well… there you have it, I showed you lots of pieces I got from my favorite online shop and ways to style it. Use my discount code when shopping to save an extra 15% off your entire purchase.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my style and love for SHEIN!


Blog post is sponsored by SHEIN. All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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