Favorite SHEIN pieces this month…

Sharing some of my favorite pieces from Shein…

This tribal dress is the perfect was to transition into fall fashion. Its summer 80% of the year here so I need pieces that can still keep me on trend but keep me cool during these hot summer days.

This will be my casual and cute holiday dress. Small beach gathering during the holidays is what we do out here so this dress is perfect.

I love anything and everything pink so this pink and white dress was a must have. I might alter the dress to have it a little above my knees but other than that, this is a summer piece that I needed to have.

This floral maxi is one of my favorites. It fits me so well. I love the side slit which you can adjust on your own to make it higher or lower. Whatever you feel comfortable with all you have to do is adjust it yourself. This dress is a show stopper for sure!

I love a good cami dress like this one. I added a belt (not included) to cinch up my waist area. I like wearing dresses like this especially after a good meal. It hides your food belly haha! This dress is a nice vibrant red which is perfect for me.

I don’t know what it is about wrap dresses but I am a true fan. I chose this long sleeve wrap dress because majority of my dresses are sleeveless and shows a ton of skin. This particular dress is a new one I had to add to my collection of wrap dresses.

Another cute cami dress for me. I added a belt again (not included). I love leopard print so I had to have this one. Easy to dress up and dress down with this piece.

When I don’t feel like wearing a bathing suit to the beach, a romper like this one is my go-to. It’s cute and still allows me to get a good tan. What do you like to substitute your bathing suit with?

This long maxi is a vacation dress for me. Sometimes it gets hot so what I like to tie it in a knot to give my legs some room to breathe. What do you do?

Have a look at SHEIN, I am sure you will find some of your own favorite pieces to add to your collection. Don’t forget to use my discount code


This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN. All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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