Shein at home…

With all my cute outfits and no where to go, I’ve decided to take a few selfies shots of my pre-planned outfits for when I can go out.  Let’s be honest, we all can’t wait to have a reason to get dolled up!

My husband was gone for over a month on an emergency COVID mission so I have been living in my pajama’s like everyone else in this world.  Luckily, I have cute lounge wear from SHEIN like the one below.  It’s been hard lately because we are all scared of what is happening and worried that we may contract this virus if we go out.  So… to stay safe I have been staying home and living in my pajama’s.


I wasn’t sure what to wear when it was time for my husband to finally come home until I tried on this floral dress.  It hugs my curves and fit so perfectly that I knew this was the homecoming dress I would wear for my husband.


It was a must have when I seen it online on SHEIN and needless to say it was a hit when the day came to pick up my husband from the military airport.  He LOOOOOOOVED it!!


It is hard to see in these pictures but this is a floral print lace dress.  The details are amazing.  It is stretchy which is a must for me, and it is very comfortable.  I wish this dress came in different prints and colors because I would definitely own them all.  Click the link to get this dress.  FLORAL LACE DRESS

I am always looking for cute black dresses.  Let’s face it, a lady could never have one too many black dresses.  I chose this specific dress because I needed something cute and not too sexy.  All of my black dresses are either skin tight and shows more than I’d like.  I was on the hunt for a black dress that I could wear with confidence when I visit my husband at work.  This black dress is perfect.


For example, this V-neck dress is more for date nights and I would not wear this to my husband’s job.  He is in a well respected position at work so being his wife, I have to represent him well so showing up showing cleavage is not appropriate at all.  This V-neck dress is the perfect dress for a lunch or dinner date.


Here is another dress that I plan to wear when I have to attend meetings at my husbands job.  There are specific meetings that require “the Sergeant Major’s Wife” at so I have to be there and you already know that I am going to show up in style.  This red cape dress is going to be the talk of the meeting by all the other wives I am sure of.  I am in love with this dress because not only is it stylish, I can wear it to date night as well.


There are so many cute outfits that I got from SHEIN and I can’t wait to show you more but until then, why don’t you head over and look for yourselves.  I am sure you will find many outfits that you will love.  Don’t forget to use my discount code Q3JJLIFENSTYLE.

Happy shopping and don’t forget to stay safe if you have to head out!


This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN. All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.



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