Pink Teddy Bear Sweater


This pink teddy bear hooded jacket is the cutest thing ever!  This is the most comfortable thing I own and I had to share it with you!

I have been wearing this jacket around the house, out to do errands, and to be honest I actually sleep with it on too.  This is also the best travel jacket ever!  You can take it on the plane with you to provide warmth and comfort.  You won’t have to lug around a blanket because you will already be wearing one.


This piece is such a favorite of mine that I honestly want it in every color.  I am contemplating on getting it in every color but I don’t know how to explain to my husband why I have too many of the same jacket.  I don’t think I can hide it either because let’s face it, I will most likely be wearing a different color everyday.  I turn down the air condition in the house just so I can cozy up on the couch with this jacket.  Is that bad?  It’s not winter anymore but yet inside my home it feel like it is.

I recommend this jacket to everyone who love comfort and style.  This is the one for sure! Here is the search ID for this piece is 952588.

Don’t forget to use my code Q3JJLIFENSTYLE to save an extra 15% off.

img_0730This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN and all photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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