I can’t get enough of Shein.

I can’t seem to get enough of shopping at Shein.  They have amazing and affordable pieces that I just can’t resist.

Check out some of the stylish items I found…

This two-piece tiger dress is a must have! This is a pair you want to have, why?  well, because you can take this two piece and wear it 3 ways.

I wore the skirt as a tube top dress as my first look for a lunch date with my husband.  I though it was a sexier look and I went with it.

The second look I wore the sweater with some black jeans.  This was more of a casual look for a day of running errands.  Simple but yet cute.


The third look is of course the full outfit.   Which look did you like the best? To get this outfit, type in this search ID 920063.

This coat… Let’s see… It’s bomb!!! I needed another coat, can’t get too many black coats but this specific black coat has a hint of white so I had to have it.  It’s thick and keeps me warm.  Oh this one is perfect for Winter!  Search ID 389141

This cropped blazer is a piece that needed to be added to my collection.  It is just such a classy and timeless piece.  I can wear it to work or date nights.  For a more casual look, throw on some jeans, over the knee boots or cute open toe sandals and you are all set.  Add this classy piece by searching with this code 971277.

A long open coat like this one is something every woman should have. You can wear this just about anywhere and in so many different ways. I chose to wear it with a short dress because let’s face it, the coat is long enough to cover me up that I didn’t have to feel so guilty wearing a short dress like this one. Get this coat now with this search ID 898086.

Comfy and cozy?  Yes and yes!  This waffle cardigan comes in 6 different colors!!! Yes I said 6.  It was hard for me to chose which color I was going to go with but black and neutrals always win with me.  A versatile piece for you to rock all year.  Search ID 869690.


Why is it so hard to find black jeans? Well for me it is.  I am not a fan of jeggings because the longer you are wearing them the looser it gets.  I am always hunting for the right material and fit and this black one was it… It has both! Why am I not surprised that Shein had it this whole time.  Get this one if you are looking for stretchy black jeans.  Search ID 638445.


Don’t forget to use my code Q3JJLIFENSTYLE for an extra 15% off your purchase.  Head over to SHEIN now before my discount code expires.

img_0730This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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