Shuri Castle

Shuri Castle 

My husband and I are very grateful that we were able to see Shuri Castle in person before it was burnt down to the ground.

Not many of you may know if you don’t actually live out here in Asia, but this beautiful castle in located in Okinawa, Japan.  A small island off the coast of mainland Japan.  This is a popular tourist attraction that many from all over the world come to visit.

This photo was taken outside of the castle back in July of 2018.  At that time it was being renovated.  We are so sad that all the hard work on trying to restore this castle went to waste because it ended up going down in flames October of last year.

The castle grounds is really big that it took us a more than a few hours to see everything.  Although it was very hot and humid, this trip to Shuri Castle was well worth it.  We walked around every inch of this castle because we didn’t want out on seeing it all.

We were also able to sit in front of this beautiful Japanese garden and experience a traditional way of how they sip tea.  The jasmine tea was very strong in flavor not quite to my liking but the pastries were delicious.


The inside of the castle was absolutely breathtaking.  There are so many details to look at that I wasn’t able to grab too many photos of it because I was enjoying the moment.


This photo was taken outside of the castle which was being renovated at the time.  We are so sad that they were working so hard on the renovations to restore this beautiful castle but then it ended up being burnt to the ground.  We are so happy we got a picture in front of it.


The photos below are from the entrance of the castle grounds.



We really enjoyed our time here at Shuri Castle.  I would highly recommend you read up about what happened to this beautiful historical castle.

Here is the link to read up on it —–>  SHURI CASTLE TODAY 

If you plan a trip out to Okinawa Japan, please do your research as to what to pack, how to dress, what to expect and where to go.  Thanks for stopping by!



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