Time to freshen up my wardrobe with Shein…

Where do you shop when it is time to freshen up your wardrobe?

I am always shopping online because I don’t have much options living on an island.  My favorite spot to find everything I am looking for is Shein.

This jogger set was a must have for me.  I am always looking for something comfy without looking like I just rolled out of bed.  This outfit right here is stylish without putting any effort.  It comes in different colors too! I chose the more subtle tone so that I can wear it anywhere and all year long too!  Search ID 916110

Who doesn’t love a cute cape blazer or coat like this one.  At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like this style but then I got a black blazer from Shein and I fell in love.  This piece right here is a perfect Winter coat with class and sass!! Search ID 943802.

OMG isn’t this dress the cutest thing ever?? If I am not wearing a bodycon dress (because I am always wearing a bodycon dress), I look for cute flowy dresses like this one.  But my one rule is, it has to have elastic or a belt around the waist, or I will literally look pregnant.  This dress is adorable and I love it.  Search ID 910214.

Okay… If you haven’t figured it out yet that I love leopard print then you are not a true follower of mine.  LOL!  I am obsessed with leopard print everything!  This cropped jacket is the cutest right?!  Get it now with this search ID 965128.
http://shein.top/pv5w90d Search ID 905020

I have been hunting around for a good black coat and low and behold, SHEIN comes to the rescue.  This coat is the ONE!!! I am so happy I was able to finally find one where the length is perfect, the thickness is amazing and the style is on point.  Get this one now!! Search ID 905020.

Okay, this long split side cardigan comes in different colors but you already know I will stick to black because black is the color for the whole year.  Black is the go-to color, don’t you agree?  This one is thin and breezy so it’s good to wear during Spring and Summer, hey even Fall.  Get it with this number 597478.

Everything you see is from SHEIN.  I always freshen up my closet with pieces from Shein.

Don’t forget to use my code at check out to save money!!


Check out their daily news here ————->  SHEIN DAILY NEWS 

This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN. All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.


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