Sharing my President’s Day looks with you.

This weekend was filled with a lot for my husband and I.  Here’s how I styled a few of my looks…

On Saturday, while my husband went to play at a golf tournament, I took a sewing class.  It’s been so long since I have placed my hands on a sewing machine that I needed a refresher.  I was nervous at first but in the end, I did great.  I wore my long side slit cardigan over a cute bodycon dress.  I didn’t want to look too sexy at sewing class so I threw on this cardigan which was perfect.  I met up with my husband for lunch so I wanted to make sure I dressed up for him.

After that, we had plans to pick up the suits that he got tailored from Giorgio’s and then head out to dinner so I decided to change up my look.  I still wanted to use my cardigan so all I did was change up my dress and shoes.  This whole look is from Shein.  My husbands suits look so good on him don’t you agree?

For my Sunday look, I decided to wear a black dress with my leopard print jacket, again from Shein.  Paired it with my mililtary style boots from Daily Shoes.  I wanted to go with a more edgy look to do errands in.   Comfortable and cute is always the way to go.

For dinner, we decided we wanted to try out a restaurant that we haven’t been to yet so we ended up at Seaside Restaurant.  It had American food which was exactly what we were craving for.  It started to get cloudy and gloomy so I decided to head home to change before dinner.  I chose to wear my buffalo plaid dress with some black stocking since it was cold.  I paired it with my booties from Wanted Shoes.  I also brought my black coat to keep me warm.  I was the perfect combo.

I even got my husband a nice long sleeve shirt from Shein.  Oh yea, if you didn’t already know this, they sell men’s items too!

On Monday, since it was a holiday, we decided to do something nice for our fur baby and the single Marines out here.  A lot of the single Marines who are stuck out here don’t have the pleasure to just hop on a plane to visit their family back in the states.  Many of them miss their pets or just having some type of affection so once in awhile, the Marine Corps will have a doggy day just for them.  They will invite families like ourselves to bring our pet out for a play date.

I wanted to be comfy since I knew I was going to be playing with other pets so I wore my two piece jumpsuit from Shein.  It was the perfect outfit because I was stylish but yet comfortable.  It was the perfect way to end the nice long 3-day weekend.

What did you do over the long President’s Day weekend?

Head over to Shein, check out all their new pieces and don’t forget to use code SVD223 to extra savings.

Below are the direct links and search codes for all of my looks:

Search ID 597478 Long black cardigan

Search ID 815751   Buffalo Plaid Dress

Search ID 905020 Black belted coat

 Search ID 916110  two pc jumpsuit

  Search ID 965128 Leopard print jacket

Search ID 807513  Red, White, Blue Men’s long sleeve polo

Happy Shopping!!

img_0730This blog post is sponsored by Shein, Daily Shoes, & Wanted Shoes.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and cannot be used without permission.

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