Simple & Cute

Although I love dressing up, I am not always glitz and glam-ed out.  When I am running around doing errands, I try to look cute but make sure I’m comfortable at the same time.


Doing errands take a lot of running around, getting out of the car, getting back in, carrying a bunch of bags, you get what I mean… so with that said, it is important for me to be comfortable.  This day, I decided to pair my Olive jacket from Lovely Wholesale with some denim jeans and comfy Olive boots.

I am a military wife so this color suits me very well. Ha ha!  I always find myself gravitating towards this color and it makes sense why I do.

Lunch dates with my husband are always fun.  I didn’t want to dress up too much but I aim to always please him so I wore a fitted bodycon dress and this denim jacket also from Lovely Wholesale.  It was the perfect combination of casual and cute.

For a more bold look, on this day to run errands, I threw on this bright orange cropped jacket also from Lovely Wholesale.  It was definitely an eye catcher for sure.  My husband teased me and mentioned he will be able to locate me if I get lost in the crowd.

To find some cute jackets like the ones I wore, head over LOVELY WHOLESALE and use my code JJLIFEN10 for an extra 10% your purchase.

img_0730This blog post is sponsored by LOVELY WHOLESALE. All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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