Pretty in pink

Pretty in pink

This pretty pink dress is from Lovely Wholesale.  This dress is the perfect way to transition from Summer to Fall.  I love the length because I can wear it to work or out on a date with my husband.

Lovely Wholesale carries affordable outfits that fit every size.  The one thing I like about this online store is that they sell pieces that work for curvy women like myself.  As a woman, having curves is a blessing but not everyone carries pieces that works for our curves.

I remember back in the day when I would not even bother to go into certain stores because I just knew that their largest size still wouldn’t fit me.  Sometimes I would force myself to loose weight just so I would be able to find cute and stylish outfits.  I am so happy that this day in age, being a curvy woman is embraced and accepted.

Check out some of the items they have and don’t forget to use my code.


Use my code JJLIFEN10 to get 10% off your savings.

img_6394This blog post is sponsored by Lovely Wholesale.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.


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