No need to per-suede me baby

Suede Jackets?? Yes please!

No need to persuade me baby, I am already a fan of suede.


Out here, it is not cold enough for fuzzy and warm sweaters, scarves or over the knee boots but it is cool enough to wear suede jackets.  I am seriously loving this style lately and I know that you will too.  I own maybe a couple of leather jackets but if I had to choose between the two, suede always wins.

Camel Moto Jacket


Beige Biker Jacket


You can pair this style of jackets with anything.  I am a dress kind of gal but you can also wear it with some denim jeans and riding boot.  If you are a country girl, pair it with some really cute cowboy boots and a fancy cowboy hat and you take this look to a whole new level.  Shein always has the best items so keep up with the hottest items by clicking this link here——>> Daily news – Don’t forget to use my code Q3jjlifenstyle to save 15% off your entire purchase.  For this exact jackets click the links above.

img_6394This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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