No Autumn? No problem!

 What do you do when you live in a place that does not have four seasons ?

When you have no Autumn, I say no problem!

There are many of you who live on an island or live in a state that has maybe two or three seasons out of the four.  Well, have no fear, I am one of those women who have to face the fact that I can’t rock Fall fashion like others.

So what do I do you ask? Well, here’s one way to start… I wear cute pieces like this maxi dress.  You can’t control the weather but you sure can control your wardrobe.  Stop fighting it and let’s get you going on how to look stylish and keep up with the trend.

This maxi dress is a perfect example.  It looks very much like a dress you wear during the Summer right?  Yes, it sure is.  Out here, Summer actually started in August so while others are pulling out their thick sweaters, cute plaid scarves and over the knee boots, I am still wearing sun dresses and flip flops.

Take pieces like this maxi dress that have the Fall colors such as brown, mustard yellow, burnt orange and burgundy.  It has every color of Fall but yet when you look at it, the style does not say Fall.  In this case, it is okay.  As long as you stay within the “Fall” guidelines in fashion.

It is pretty simple.  Keep this in mind when you are out shopping or doing online shopping like I do and you will be fine.  I recommend shopping at SHEIN because they have everything you need and more.

Don’t forget to use my discount code Q3JJLIFENSTYLE at checkout.  Hurry because this code expires September 30.

Brown graphic maxi dress

 search ID 735447

Happy Shopping!

This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN.  Photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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