Keeping it sexy for my man


I’m always keeping it sexy for my man


Let’s get right into it…

I have heard one too many stories from too many people that I know about their man cheating on them.  For what reasons?  Well, there are just one too many to name.  But the one questions that sticks to my mind every time I hear this is…  What are you NOT doing?  What have you stopped doing?

You have to ask yourself what has changed since the you have been dating.  What was it that made the man ask you out?  What is it that made that man ask you for your hand in marriage?  Did you stop doing something that made him smile?  Did he start doing something that made you NOT smile?

The one thing that has not changed in my marriage is the respect we have for each other.  We respect each other enough to speak up when there is trouble headed our way.  It could be something as simple as “you stopped kissing me in the morning or at night” or something as drastic as, “you don’t look at me or say I LOVE YOU anymore.” Whatever it is my husband and I always communicate.

He also has not changed his ways towards me.  He still opens the car door for me, always kisses me good night and good morning, he still sends me text messages throughout the day to remind me how much he loves me.  He never stopped doing the things he has done for me when we were dating.  To me, that’s key.  That is important.

The one thing I have not stopped from day one is taking care of his heart.  When we first started dating, I asked him what he wanted from a woman.  His answer was, “for her to take care of my heart, trust me and love me the same way I will love her.”  I took that and kept that reminder in my head for going on almost 10 years now.  Another thing I refuse to stop doing is, making myself pretty for him.  I go out of my way to impress him.  Not just with gifts but with me and how I look.

A man will not have to look at another woman if you don’t give him a reason to. 

That is one thing I don’t want to have to worry about with my husband.  I don’t want him looking at other women so I make sure that he keeps looking at me by keeping myself looking my best.  I treat him good and I take care of him.  I treat myself good and take care of myself too.  Being sexy for my man is something very important to me.

I don’t ever want to be one of those women that say, “well, I had his children and that’s why I look this way”,  “I don’t have time to get glammed up”, or “why do so much when we are already married.”

Oh that’s a good one… Let’s get into that last one.  “Why do so much when we are already married.”  Why you ask??? Because don’t you want to keep them?  It’s one thing to get the man to ask you to marry him but it’s another to keep him.  These days, divorce is thrown around like it’s nothing.  So remember, as easy as it was to say I DO, it is also easy to ask for a DIVORCE.

Ladies, don’t stop getting sexy for your man.  Don’t let yourselves go and then wonder why you caught him looking at another woman or caught him cheating on you with someone else.  As long as he is still respecting you and making you smile then do it for him too.  By all means, if the man is disrespecting you and you are still in the relationship, please LEAVE!

Anyways, here’s a look at how I keep things sexy for my man.  This leopard dress and Leopard print jumpsuit is a way that I put a smile on his face.  I know what kind outfits he loves on me so I make it a point to have a lot of them hiding in my closet.  When we go on our date nights, I always put something on that he hasn’t seen yet, something that I know will put a big smile on his face.  Sometimes we don’t even make it past our front door! Ha!

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