🖤 Cover me up, but not all of me 🖤


Cover me up but not too much.

The perfect cover up…

This cover up is perfect when you want to cover up when wearing a bikini or even just to throw something over your maxi dress or jeans.  I have tattoos on my back and some places out here don’t allow for it to be exposed.  With that said, I try to look for a cover up that covers enough but not all of it.  Especially when it’s super hot, I don’t need an extra layer to make it worst.  It is a light weight piece that you can continue to keep cool under the scorching sun.


This beach cover up could also be used as a kimono over a bodycon dress or even with a cute top and a pair of ankle jeans.  This piece is not only used for the beach.  If you have an imagination like mine, then you will be able to see that this cover up is versatile.

I don’t like showing my body off like I used to when I was younger.  Back in my 20’s, I used to be a bikini model and it is funny to think that these days I am actually uncomfortable wearing one.  This cover up came to my rescue and made me feel comfortable and sexy at the same time.

My husband was also a fan of this.  Now if he’s happy then you know that I am happy!

Click the link below to get this exact beach cover up:

Long black bathing suit kimono  Search ID 663040



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img_6394-4This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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