Shopping for beds & looking cute while doing it.

We have reached that point where we need a new bed.  It is very important for us to find a good mattress because both my husband and I have bad backs.  Let’s face it, we are not getting any younger so we have to face the face and deal with it.

But no matter how you or old I am getting, fashion is something that will not grow old with me.  I like to stay up on the trends and with my love for leopard print, you know I had to rock this cute leopard print wrap dress while shopping for our new mattress.

My husband teased me the whole time because it wasn’t such a smart decision to wear a short dress while having to lay down and get up so many times. I didn’t think that one through but hey at least I looked cute doing it. Ha! Ha!

Anyways, back to mattress shopping… Rule of thumb is you should get a new bed every seven to ten years. We both stick to that because it’s important.

You know it’s time for a new bed when you start experiencing some of the things I’ve listed below:

1. You’re not sleeping as good as you used to.

2. Your mattress doesn’t feel like it does when you first laid down on it.

3. Your body changes due to age or injuries.

4. Your allergies gets worst or if you don’t have allergies but have them while you’re in bed.

5. You get a better nights rest on other beds but your own.

We were in search for the sleep number but we couldn’t find a store out here that carried it for us to actually try it out. We had our eyes on the Serta Perfect Sleeper and the Serta iComfort Hybrid. Both of these styles had the extra added cushion for comfort so it was a toss up.




We did more research on the two mattresses and we realized that the iComfort Hybrid would be more of what we would need to help us sleep better.

I move around a lot while I sleep and my husband doesn’t so looking for a bed that comes with a Hybrid coil support system was important. Basically this helps and benefits him because when I move around, he won’t feel the whole bed move. Believe me he is thrilled about that and I am too.

This style has the extra added pillow top for extra cushion and softness.  I am always hot at night regardless what setting our air conditioning is at, so with the Gel Memory Foam it help will help a lot.

We are very happy and satisfied with our Serta purchase.  My recommendation for you is to do your research and don’t look at the price tag.  You don’t want to bargain shop or be cheap when it comes to your comfort and your body.

For more information on this mattress we got, click the link below:

Serta iComfort

Don’t forget to use my code Q3JJLIFENSTYLE to receive an extra 15% off your entire purchase.  Code is valid until September 30th so go ahead and take advantage!

As for my fashion gurus, my dress is linked below:

Check out SHEIN’s Daily News section for new arrivals and daily specials.

This blog post is sponsored by Shein. All photos belong to JJ Life & Style.

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