💛 Hello Yellow 💛

~Hello Yellow~

This is the dress that brightens up your day!  Doesn’t this color just brighten up your day?  This maxi dress is the perfect piece for Summer.  Even on a gloomy day, this dress makes me feel good.  Anytime I wear this color, for some reason I think happy thoughts and good vibes.

Summertime is not one of my favorite seasons because I don’t enjoy being hot but I do enjoy rocking cute maxi dresses such as this one.  This dress has slits on both sides which allows you to show some leg, it give a sexier look for a maxi dress.

The straps are adjustable which is a plus for me and the belt is an added bonus.  I need a belt or an elastic waist to show my small waistline.  If not, I look like I am pregnant and who would want that?!  This dress has a light weight material which helps to keep you cool during the hot Summer months.

Be sure to check out SHEIN to check out all of their stylish maxi dresses.  Type in maxi dress in the search bar and I promise that you will find not just one, but many different ones that you will be adding to your cart.

Don’t forget to use my code Q3jjlifenstyle to receive an extra 15% off your enter purchase.  Code is valid from July 1st to September 30th so go ahead and take advantage!

Check out SHEIN’s Daily News section for new arrivals and daily specials.

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img_6394-4This blog post is sponsored by SHEIN.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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