Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is a place that many people from all over the world come to visit while they are on Okinawa, Japan.  This aquarium is located North of the island.  I would recommend taking the scenic route because the views are breath-taking.  But keep in mind that if you do, it will be a much longer route.  As for me, because I was born on the island of Mau’i, I did not need to take the scenic route.  I wanted to get there as quick as possible so we took the toll road.

This aquarium was the first aquarium in the world to succeed in raising and breeding manta alfredi, one of the largest species of rays.  Okinawa holds the world record for raising rays in captivity.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because I was recording majority of it on my Instagram stories!

They also had an amazing coral reef tank filled with beautiful fishes and creatures that I have never seen before.  If my husband and I ever decide on having a fish tank in our home, it will have to look like the photos below for sure.

Here are some of the great shots I captured on this adventure:

They have a huge tank, which is continuously supplied with fresh seawater.  The water that is filled up in these tanks are collected from the ocean water that surrounds this island.  You are able to see all of the beautiful creatures all at once with the giant acrylic windows shown above which allows you to able to capture some amazing.

In a different section of the aquarium, there is a shark exhibit.  Filled with informative information about these scary creatures.  It was very interesting so make sure to stop by this exhibit before heading outside.

This is the closest I will ever get to a shark!! Ha!

When you exit the aquarium, you get the view of the ocean.  It was breath-taking and absolutely stunning.  The steps you see in the picture below is where I got my workout on for the day.  I was sweating brick but my husband was still able to grab some great shots of me 🙂  These steps lead you back up to the top where you first started.

Made it to the top and it was worth it because of this view! Whoooo – sahhhhh!

For more information about the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, click the links below:

Hours and Admission


Program Guide

Restaurants and Shops

Floor Map

Map It!

Don’t forget to share pictures with me if you take a trip to this aquarium.  Tag me on Instagram @jjlifenstyle.  I would love to see all the great photos you were able to capture. img_6394-4

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