Birthday Girl

Birthdays are the best because of this guy right here…

It has been raining cats and dogs for two weeks straight that I was worried about my birthday being ruined because of the weather.  It has been so bad especially the day before my birthday that even the Japanese were saying that it was a typhoon while Americans called it a bad tropical storm.  I prayed that at least one day, my birthday to be exact that the rain would stop.  I wanted to be able to enjoy my day. Low and behold my God delivered as he always does!

The sun was beaming from morning until dawn. It was like it never rained at all. It was hot and humid but on a day like my birthday, I don’t mind at all.  My husband set up a spa day for me to start off my day. Nails, pedicure and full body massage is exactly what a girl wants. We then went to a beautiful restaurant that sits right along the coast that had nothing but ocean views. It was perfect.


The restaurant my husband took me to is called POSILLIPO cucina meridionale which is a Japanese style Italian restaurant if that makes any sense. Ha! Ha!

The food was very delicious and the ambiance was beautiful. The funny part about this place was trying to figure out the menu. Thank God for google because we were able to pull up pictures of what it was. I didn’t get to take pictures of everything that we ordered because let’s be honest, I was too hungry to worry about snapping shots of the food.

We sat inside because it was too hot for me (not him) to sit outside. The entire restaurant had floor to ceiling glass so no matter where we sat, we had a 360 view of the ocean. I couldn’t ask for a better place to have lunch.  I felt like we were having lunch on a yacht with all of the beautiful views.

It was such a hot day that instead of being stuck wearing rain boots and a rain coat, I was able to rock this cute little dress from Shein. It is backless but because of all of my tattoos I decided to cover up. Here in Japan it is not accepted to walk into an establishment showing tattoos. I don’t agree with it but I respect it.

Besides spa day, a new Gucci bag, and a beautiful brunch on the water, he is taking me on a trip to Taiwan.  I mean come on… isn’t my husband the best?!  He is the reason why my birthdays are worth it every year.  I get to spend it with the man I truly love and adore.  By the way, he was the one who chose this outfit!

This dress was perfect for as my birthday outfit. It’s comfy, cute, casual but dressy enough to make me feel good especially on a day that I get to celebrate ME.  The one thing that my husband and I always do each year is to take the day off to do whatever our heart desires.  Whether it is to lay in bed all day and be lazy, take a vacation, or have a nice day out.    Birthdays are important to me but I know that some don’t treat it the same way I do.  Tell me, do you celebrate your birthday the way I do?  What do you do for your birthday?

Whatever it is that I do, I always make sure I look and feel good.  Why wouldn’t you want to look good knowing that you have made it to another year.  If you are looking for a cute birthday outfit, head over to Shein to find your perfect outfit.  Better yet, get this one that I have on!  I won’t mind if you wear the same dress, as long as you take pictures in it and tag me so I can see!

Click below to get this dress:

Criss Cross Lace Dress

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This blog post is sponsored by Shein. All photos belong to JJ Life & Style.

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