Picnic at the park with my Valentine.

Picnic at the park with a view, with my Valentine.

This year we celebrated Valentine’s Day two days in a row, we didn’t want to do anything fancy but we wanted to be productive on our two days off.

I asked for either a quiet day and night at home or a cute little picnic at the park with just the two of us.   Yes, I may have been over dressed for a picnic but hey, why not! It was Valentine’s week and I still wanted to dress up for my man. 

It is very important for me to look good for my man regardless of how long we have been together.  It’s been almost ten years for us and he hasn’t stopped looking at me. That’s because I haven’t stopped getting dolled up for him.  I believe that every couple should continue to dress up for each other as if it was your first date.

I decided to wear this sexy black dress from Shein.  Pairing it with bright red boots and tassel earrings to go with them. It was only right to choose the red and black combo. It definitely added a pop for my black dress.

This dress is stretchy and I love the sleeves so much.  I have one too many black dresses but how I justify having so many is by choosing one that has details.  That way you can distinguish your black dresses apart. The sleeves on this dress did it for me.

During our picnic, it started raining on us but we didn’t let it ruin our day.  We just grabbed our umbrellas and made the most of it.  We always try to look for the positive in everything that is thrown our way.  Life is just better that way.  We had fun with the rain and grabbed a few of these shots of me with my cute little Coach umbrella.  The pictures are not as clear but to us, it was still good.

We had so much fun taking pictures that after this we just played in the rain together like kids.  Life is too short not to have fun.  What do you do when it rains on your parade? Do you pout and throw a fit or do you make the most of it like we do? If you are a negative Nancy then try to do it my way and be positive.  Trust me, life will be much easier if you do.  

Here’s a discount code to brighten your gloomy day.  Have fun shopping away!


 This blog post is sponsored by Shein. All photos belong to JJ Life & Style.

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