Mixing business with pleasure

They say never mix business with pleasure but in this case, it’s okay…


This white blazer is another favorite piece I that I recently added to my collection of blazers. I am not really a fan of wearing white but this piece had just enough of black mixed with white that it worked for me.

This white blazer is so classy and sophisticated.  I always look for pieces that I can wear for work and for play.  It is really important for me because there are times that I meet my husband for dinner straight after work.  Hence what I meant about mixing business with pleasure. 

This was a definite hit at work as well as while I was out at dinner.  It’s such a classic piece that I had to have it.  It is that one timeless blazer that you could keep for many years.

You can style this blazer with anything.  A sexy little black dress, or even take a casual outfit and class is up with this classy white blazer.

For the casual look, throw on some ripped or skinny jeans, paired with some over the knee boots or pointy toe heels, with a sexy bralette and you are all set.  For more of the a classier work look, then style it the way I did or even a pencil skirt with a cute blouse.

Either way you go, this white blazer will help you look your best for any occasion.  Click the link below to get this same blazer and don’t forget to use my code QJJLIFENSTYLE15 for a discount off your purchase.


White Tweed Blazer

Happy Shopping!!!

This blog post is sponsored by Shein. All photos belong to JJ Life & Style.

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