Ruffle me up…

Plaid with side of ruffles?  Hey why not.  This plaid dress is the cutest.  It works well for work and for play.  I decided to wear this outfit to dinner with my love.  Let’s say an early Valentine’s dinner dress.

The ruffles on this plaid dress adds style and sass to it, that’s what caught my eye.   At first I wasn’t too sure about it but I am glad I chose this style.

This plaid dress is a good combination of sexy but yet sophisticated.  I brought a pop of red since Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  This plaid dress is warm enough for the Winter weather we have here because it of it’s thick material.  It’s stretchy which Lord knows I need it because of my curves.

This dress is form fitting and very flattering.  I would say it is the perfect choice for date night that’s why I chose it for our early Valentine’s Day dinner.

My husband and I don’t like celebrating Valentine’s Day on the day of.  Put it this way… everyone is out celebrating it on the actual day so we do things different and we celebrate it a tad bit earlier.  We do things differently in our home when it comes to traditions.  The only tradition that we keep is the old school kind of love.  Your grandma and grandpa kind of love.  The kind of love that last a lifetime.   If you have read my blog posts, you will know that we celebrate what you call Easter, and we call Resurrection Day very differently.  We celebrate Christmas differently as well.  Valentine’s Day is no different.  Call us weird but that’s just us. 

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  What do you and your spouse do?  If you are single, do you celebrate it with your friends or are you one of those who just ignores Valentine’s Day altogether?  Tell me, I’d love to hear! 

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This blog post is sponsored by Shein.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.


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