I am older. I am grateful. I am thankful 🙏🏽

Every year that passes I am grateful.  Every year that passes means that I am getting older but that does not mean I still can’t be sexy.

With age comes knowledge, the older we get in life we learn more and more.  That also goes with fashion.  We learn more about our bodies as it transitions.  In my opinion, we should all dress appropriate for our age and our environment.  I went from wearing dress that were at least 3-4 inches above my knee, to wearing dresses that are an inch below it or knee length.  Oh boy how times have changed.

As long as you feel comfortable in your own skin, you can rock any style at any age.  This style of dress has always been my go-to.  The older I get, the longer the dress got. Ha! Ha!  I don’t mind it at all though.  I embrace it and I don’t let it get to me.  Let’s be honest, why fight the inevitable?  We are not getting any younger so I say we just embrace it.  This dress makes me feel sexy, regardless now much skin I am showing or not.  I got this pretty dress from Noctflos, a company that sells their pieces on Amazon.  Regardless what age you are, you can still rock it a dress like this.

This dress is a good example of embracing my age.  My younger sister would probably wear this dress if it was much shorter but probable only wear it if she really had to.  Me on the other hand, this dress is age appropriate.  I am not that old so I can still be sexy and rock a fitted dress without looking like I am trying too hard. Ha! You get what I’m saying?!

My advice to all of you is to embrace the process of life like I do.  The process of life is a journey.  The journey comes with getting old.  Getting old comes with extra knowledge and growth.  Embrace your life and be thankful that God blessed you with another year.

There are so many people that are not able to live past a certain age.  So when it comes to the subject of getting older, I believe that we should all be thankful.  When Thanksgiving comes along and I am able to enjoy it with my friends and family, I take a moment to reflect on life.  I take a second to appreciate moments like this, where I get to reminisce on our younger days and watch as we all grow older and wiser.  We know that we can’t live forever so live in the moment and cherish it.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all of you who support and follow me!

For more information on this dress, go to Amazon and search NOCTFLOS.

This blog post is sponsored by NOCTFLOS.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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