Brighten up your office!

Sometimes the office setting can be a bit dull and boring. So for me, what I like to do is bring life to my office with bright colors and fun prints.  Most offices prefer neutral tones like white, beige, navy and black, but this time around, I’m excited that my workplace allows for so much more!

It’s a refreshing feeling to know that the office I run today, allows for fun colors and prints to express your personality.  This Geo Print Dress from Shein is the perfect way to describe mine. I love pink so I wear it all year long regardless if it’s the appropriate season or not.  This dress has both bright and light shades of pink with a fun print which is my kind of style.

What makes me love this dress even more is the thin material which is much needed during the summer time especially if you live in humidity like I do. With this type of material, I will be able to stay cool regardless if I’m sitting in my office with the cool air conditioning on, or if I step outside in the blazing heat.

Brighten your day with fun and vibrant prints like this! Click the link below to start shopping!


This blog post is sponsored by Shein. All photos used here belong to JJ Life & Style.

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