Traded floral dresses for stripes…

I traded floral dresses for stripes today.  I wore this Striped Dress to brunch with my husband and it was a hit.  When I get dressed, it is always to make myself feel good.  Then of course, second is to look good for my husband.

I always had a rule when it comes to my relationship.  It was to always dress as if you are going on your first date so that you will never have to worry about him looking the other way.  My husband says that is a really good rule to have.

Every time we go out together, he says that he always feels like the luckiest man on earth.  He reminds me how beautiful I look and thanks me for taking the time out to put effort into how I look.  To me, that goes a long way.  Hearing these words from his mouth puts a permanent smile on my face.

This dress was a hit because my husband had a big smile on his face when I walked out of my room.  Oh, if you are wondering why I say “my room”, it is because I have my own room that we turned into my closet.  My husband calls it my “transformation room”.  I know, I know, it is pretty hilarious what he named it, but to be honest it works because I go in there and transform my look haha!

This dress fit me like a glove and I am happy with this one.  I am usually always in floral dresses but this time I gave it up for this Striped Dress from RoseGal. 

They have an awesome sale going on right now so head over to find some sexy dresses like this one for yourself! Have fun shopping, I know that I always do!

This blog post is sponsored by RoseGal.  All photos used here belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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