Dresses Galore

Sharing with you some of my favorite dresses from RoseGal

One of the places I get all of my cute dresses from is from this online store.  This place never disappoints me.  Click to see my new picks from ROSEGAL!

These dresses that I chose are perfect for me because I can wear it to the office, to a Military function and to church.  These dresses are sophisticated and stylish.

For this specific stripe dress, during the hot summer months, you can wear it just like this with some really cute sandals.  For the office, throw on a cardigan or blazer to make it a bit more professional.

Stripe Dress

This Navy and Pink floral pencil skirt dress is great for any occasion.  Church, work or even Sunday brunch with the girls.

Navy Blue Floral Dress

This Black and Pink Floral Dress is my favorite, well because of course, it has my two favorite colors, Pink and Black!

Black and Pink Floral

This Cobalt Blue dress is my husband’s pick.  He loves this color, especially on me.

Cobalt Blue Dress


Shop for your favorite dresses and more at RoseGal

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