One stop shoe shop :)

I found a new shoe store and because I love my followers so much, I am going to share my secret with you.

I am such a fan of shoes that I can’t go a month without buying a new pair!

My new favorite shoe store is called DAILY SHOES.  This company sells a ton of stylish shoes. Literally shoes for every occasion, every single day!

I live overseas and having to find a company that not only sells amazing and affordable shoes,  but a company that will ship overseas!  It has been a struggle to find companies that will ship internationally and it can get pretty frustrating.  It is hard enough to be away from my family in the United States, let alone find items that I normally shop for to send them my way.

Online shopping is supposed to be made easy but I have come to figure out that it is, but only in some cases.

I am thrilled about DAILY SHOES  because they also sell their items on Amazon. Everyone love shopping on Amazon so why not buy your shoes from there too?!?

I am excited about this first pair that I want to share with you.  I do not own a pair of coral sandals like this one, at all.  This color is so vibrant and it will go perfect with many of my Spring and Summer outfits.

This coral wedge sandals can be dressed up or down.  I love a good wedge sandal and this can be worn for any occasion and will look great on anyone, no matter what age.

This floral dress that I paired it with was perfect. I did not want to wear flip-flops with it because the dress would drag on the ground or I should say, I did not want to “sweep the floor” with my dress.  I also did not wear tall heels with it because I did not want it to look like my dress had shrunk in the dryer.  Ha! Ha!  (fashion do’s and don’ts).

With this wedge heel, it was just the perfect height.  These two were truly a match made in heaven 🙂

This cute pair comes in almost every color.  I have to contain myself from buying them all.  It even comes in the suede!

Click the link below to get yourself a pair or two or three of this style.  I think I am going to have to get me another pair, this time the pink suede.

🌸 Coral Wedge Sandals 🌸


The next pair that I want to show you is this open toe wedge.

I chose this color because I wanted to be able to wear it with all the time, with any outfit. This tan color is perfect.  Neutral tones are always the best because you will be able to wear them all year-long as well.

This pair is stylish and comfortable and in my opinion, that is very important to have both!  With this pair, because of the incline, I don’t have to carry around a pair of flats as a back up.  Usually when I wear heels or wedges, I have a back up pair of flats in my car or even in my handbag because after a few hours my feet start to hurt.  With this one, I don’t have to worry about that.  That’s a plus in my book!

This pair comes in many different colors and also runs true to size so order the size that you normally wear.

Get your pair by clicking the link below

🌸 open toe wedge 🌸


This next pair I got is also a winner!  Again, I chose a neutral tone to wear it with a ton of my Spring and Summer outfits.

I am obsessed with one specific feature on this pair which is the padding that is located under the ball of your foot.  Lately, when it comes to purchasing shoes, I tend to look for features such as this.  The older I get, the more practical I am becoming.  Ha! ha! Without sharing my age with you, in my younger years, I did not care how comfortable shoes were, as long as they were cute, I would buy them and deal with the repercussions later.

This pair has the perfect heel height.  Neither too high or too low.  Again, in my younger years, the heel height mattered and always had to be at least four inches or higher.  Well, now a days, I look for four inches or lower! Ha!

I would recommend ordering a size up.  I am normally a seven in a half but I ordered an eight.  This pair just like the previous one, also comes in different colors.

Click this link to get your pair now

 🌸Strappy chunky heel sandals🌸


In the beginning, I mentioned that DAILY SHOES has shoes for every occasion for every single day, and this pair of walking shoes, sums it all up for me as far as having shoes for every occasion.

When it comes to my life, I can dress it all the way up but I can also dress it all the way down.  I love getting dolled up especially for my husband but I am also a sporty tom boy who love doing things outdoors.  From hiking, to playing basketball or just going to the gym, you name it, I like it.

I am always on the lookout for walking shoes.  I have put my feet through so much that I am starting to pay for it now that I am older.  I do not like giving up style for comfort so when I saw these walking shoes, I had to get it because they were so cute.

This pair comes with memory foam insoles which are pillows for my feet, and I am obsessed.  It also comes with a breathable mesh fabric which is perfect so that my feet won’t sweat and get stinky in them (ew!).

I wore these walking shoes for an outdoor adventure with my husband.  It was so comfy that he was amazed that I did not complain, not even once.

This pair comes in Black with Fuchsia, Fuchsia, Grey and Navy, Grey and Pink and all Black like the ones I have on.  I am normally a seven in a half but this one only come in whole sizes so I ordered an eight and they fit perfectly.


My favorite go-to style are these chunky heel strappy sandals.  If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that I have this style on many of my posts.

My love for these sandals are unbreakable.  They also go so well with all of my date night dresses.  These shoes in my opinion, are just simple but sexy.  Even my husband loves them.  I have them in almost every color.

This pair is a must have.  You can wear them out to dinner, out with the girls, wear it with a fancy dress, or wear them with skinny jeans and a cute blouse.  You can even wear them for a wedding.  This is why I have them in every color.  When in doubt, these babies are the ones I end up wearing.

They are true to size and comes in so many colors.  If you do not already own a pair or two then you are crazy!

Get one now, click the link below

🌸 chunky heel strappy sandals🌸


These high heel pumps should be in every woman’s closet.  If you have a job or not!  This pair can be for church, (it is not too high and does not look like clubbing heels), wear it to work, (just the right height without over doing it), wear it to a professional function such as a ceremony or special event, wear it to brunch with the girls or date night with your spouse.

You cant style these shoes with anything as long as you know how to.  I chose this color because I did not need another black pair (I have about ten).  I love how this company even included an extra pair of heel protectors just in case you mess up the first ones.  Who else does that?  Um, I will tell you the answer… no one! They all would usually charge you extra for that.

I wore these cute heels to a Military ceremony that my husband’s company was having.  I am the bosses wife so I had to dress appropriately and these shoes came in handy.  They are comfortable and classy.  It went very well with my dress as you can see.

Get your pair now by clicking the link.  There are seven different colors to choose from.

Click the link below:

🌸 high heel pumps🌸

This company, DAILY SHOES is based out in San Francisco.  They believe that every pair of shoes should be stylish enough for every occasion of your life.  No matter what you are doing or where you are going, they will be there every step of the way.

Their shoes are made with great quality.  With no lack of comfort and style.  Their shoes are simply amazing that you will end up buying a pair for every outfit.

Have fun shoe shopping and don’t forget to spread the word!

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Daily Shoes

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Check them out on Amazon:

Daily Shoes Amazon

This blog post is sponsored by Daily Shoes.  All photos used in this post belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.  The reviews of each item are based on my honest opinions.

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