Misfit Wearables

Loving my MisFit Vaper Watch

While everyone is wearing and raving about their Apple Watch, I am here raving about my MisFit Vapor Watch.

This watch tracks my steps, my heart rate, calories, distance, it has a stand-alone music player and storage that connects directly to wireless headphones.

I never owned a watch like this and I am so happy I finally do! I am able to receive emails, text messages, social media notifications on my wrist which is so convenient while I’m working out and when I have my phone in my handbag. It vibrates when I receive a message or notification which I like because if it made a specific noise, I know that for me that could get annoying.

You can personalize different features of the watch to your taste.  I am still playing around with my watch to figure out which one will suit me best.

I love how I can change the look of the face of the watch by choosing any one of these options:

It doesn’t stop there, you can change the color of your band to any of these colors below, to fit your personality and lifestyle as well.



Click the link below to get one now for yourself or as a gift for someone special!


Meanwhile, as you head over to check out their cool and stylish watches, I will be a misfit at 12:21 p.m. and enjoy a glass of Hennessy on the rocks.  🙂

This blog post is sponsored by Statusphere. Photos used in this post belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and MisFit Wearables.

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