Always wrapped in lace…

When some people think of lace, they think… SEXY and sexy to some people means only in the bedroom… Well, not for me, I am always wrapped in lace, whether at home or out and about.

Lace does not just have to be lingerie…or your sexy underwear… You can wear lace out of the house too!  Why not?!  Who says you can’t?!  Well, I do remember back in the day, my grandmother would tell me what I should and should NOT wear and to always dress and act like a lady.  That was back in the day, when lingerie was only for the bedroom.

These days you will see millennials wearing a lace bralette under a blazer or a motto jacket, or even without a jacket and it is okay.  That’s considered fashion.  That is considered having style.  A lace dress, or a lace jumpsuit like this one, is my favorite.

If you follow my Instagram and my blog, you will see me wearing a ton of them.  This jumpsuit is one I must say that I love.  The fit and style is perfect for me and my curves.  It is classy and sexy at the same time.

This sexy lace jumpsuitis from Sara Boo.  This company has some sexy, chic, classy and casual pieces that will fit any body type.  They have amazing pieces and not to mention great customer service.

The one thing I love about this jumpsuit is that it is stretchy.  Sometimes some jumpsuits that I try on have no stretch to it which makes it hard for me to find the right size.  I went with a large to compensate for my curves and it fit perfectly.

The back of this jumpsuit is sexy.  It zips up all the way to the top but shows off some skin.

I love the V-neck front as well because it shows just enough cleavage keeping me looking sexy but yet classy.

I am only five foot three inches tall so I had to wear three inch heels.  If you are taller than me, then you might not need to wear heels for this one.

Wrap yourself up in this sexy lace jumpsuit.  Get yours today and because I love my followers so much, Sara Boo was nice enough to give my follwers 25% off your purchase plus FREE shipping.  Use my code JJ25 at checkout.  Head over to their website and check out the stylish pieces that they have.  Click the link below:

******Sara Boo******

Have fun shopping and if you purchase from Sara Boo, don’t forget to tag them for a chance to be featured on their page!

This blog post is sponsored by Sara Boo.  Photos used in this post belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.  Review on this specific item is based on my own honest and true opinions.

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