He continues to surprise me…

He continues to surprise me after all these years…

After all these years of being married, he still until this very day, knows how to get me, and when I say get me, I mean surprise me to the point of scaring me!

These beautiful flowers were given to me days before, not for Valentine’s Day but, as a “just because I love you” gift.  A normal afternoon at home, I decided to cook dinner at the usual time which is around three o’clock.  I like having dinner ready before he walks in the house.  So, while I was in the kitchen cooking dinner, my husband quietly sneaks into the house.

As my church music played loudly on my portable Bose System, I went on and kept on cooking.  Not knowing that he was even in the house, he scared the crap outta me.  He stood by the refrigerator not saying a word, and waited until I turned around.  I jumped and screamed so loud, almost dropping the knife on my foot.  With my heart beating so fast, I placed the knife on the counter, turned back around and wanted to hit him for doing that.  I had to hold back from that because when I saw the beautiful bouquet of flowers that he was holding, I couldn’t help but to give him a great big hug.

He never comes home from work that early so I was not expecting him home at all, let alone with flowers, a card and a love letter.  My husband knows exactly how to put a smile on my face and how to keep it there. He also knows how I love when things are unexpected. It actually means more to me than receiving them on a day that a gift is expected.

We don’t usually plan much for Valentine’s Day,  but we still participate in the occasion by exchanging cute cards.  I also love getting dolled up for my husband whether or not we head out.  So if it’s sexy lingerie or a sexy dress, you can bet I will be in it before he gets home.

So, I saved this dress for Valentine’s Day, hidden and tucked away in my closet so that my husband wouldn’t see it.  I love surprising him and in our marriage, it is a game to see who can surprise each other the best.

I decided to get dressed up in this red lace dress from RoseGal, I cooked up a nice meal and lit some candles up around the house. I knew it would be a nice surprise for when my husband got home from work. Let me be honest, dinner and having candles lit around the house is an everyday thing but as for me getting dolled up, well that one is not an everyday thing.  I am embarrassed to say that  I only get dolled up if I know we are going out.

This dress is very sexy.  It hugs my curves in all the right places.  “I knew my husband would be a fan of it so I got it. I am such a fan of lace because it is such a sexy way to spice up your look but also keep it classy.

Earlier that day, I sneaked his Valentine’s Day card in his briefcase so that he could read it at work.  I wanted him to start the day off with a little surprise.

When I knew that he was pulling up the driveway, I stood by the front door dressed up in this lace dress, with my sexy heels on.  As he walked into the house, the lights were all off with candles lit, he was very surprised.  He dropped his briefcase on the ground, threw his hat off to the side and picked me up off the ground.  I whispered softly in his ear, “Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet love”.

He put me down, looked at me up and down, twirled me around and without even saying it, I knew by the look in his eyes that he absolutely loved it.  Let’s just say we didn’t have dinner first, we had dessert!  Dinner was cold by the time we ate, but it was worth it.  That is why I am happy someone invented the microwave!

He got me good days before with his surprise, but I got him back on Valentine’s Day, that’s for sure!

To find a nice dress for yourself, check out RoseGal.  They have so many different styles to choose from, or to get this exact dress, click the link below.

Red Lace Dress

This blog post is sponsored by RoseGal. Photos belong to JJ Life & Style.

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