All 3 looks, from just 1 place!

I love the convenience of shopping online.  I don’t get out much so being able to shop online helps.  Zaful  is one of my favorite places to shop.  The outfits you see on me are all from Zaful.

If you know me, I always keep things sexy for my man.  It does not matter how long we have been together, everything I choose to wear is always for him.  When it comes to date night’s I always go above and beyond to look my best.  This lace dress is another one of his favorites.

Unfortunately this lace dress that I have on is now sold out but click this link Lace Dresses to find another style just like this.  This dress has some stretch to it but there is only one downfall,  there is a slit in the back that went up very high.  It may not effect you if you are thinner but as for me, I am a curvy girl so the slit went up too high that I had to hem it so that I could wear it in public haha!

Another thing I like doing is having a ton of little black dresses.  It is such a timeless piece to have that you can wear over and over.  Whenever I wear my little black dress, I always have a coat and use that as my pop of color.

I was very surprised at the quality of this coat.  It is very thick and made well.  Most coats I have, are not as thick as this one because I live in California.  It makes it such a great piece to have if you live or visit areas that can get very cold.

I also love the color.  It is a soft pink which is my favorite color.  I will be to use this coat during the transition into Spring as well.

The length is perfect.  I like having coats that are a bit longer than the dress I have on.

This beautiful pink coat is also from Zaful but like the lace dress, it is also sold out.  Click here to find other cute Pink Coats.

When it comes to living in states that have warmer weather during Winter, a thin bomber jacket like this one is good to have.  It was 80 degrees on this day so although I was hot, I wasn’t sweating as bad because of the material.

This Floral Bomber Jacket is only $28.  I decided to pair it with black pants instead of denim jeans because I wanted to go for a more chic and casual look.  I knew that I was going to be wearing this outfit all the way into night so for me, being in all black was perfect.  Throw on denim jeans to give it more of a casual look and you are good to go!

You can find anything and everything at Zaful!  Be sure to check it out for yourselves!

textgram_1485635688-1-15This blog post is sponsored by Zaful.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.  Product links are from

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