Chips “To Die For”

I’m not much of a fan for potato chips, but these chips right here… I must say, changed my mind about chips, PERIOD!

When it comes to eating potato chips, I really have to be craving for it, for me to go out and purchase it.  To be completely honest, I usually only have chips when I am at a barbecue.

My mother brought these chips out for my sister’s birthday and the first thing that we said was, “What kind of chips are these?”  First off, the packaging was really fancy that we thought that these chips were very expensive and too pretty to open up.  We also have never seen or heard of this brand before so we were a bit skeptical to try it…  Well, we are really glad we did.

It has such a great taste to it.  It comes in different flavors like BBQ, Sweet Potato, Sour Cream and Onion, Sea Salt and Vinegar,  and Sea Salt.  We are also a fan of the fact that they are Gluten-Free and 100% Kosher.  They use 100% Dark Russet Potato Chips which are thicker and made with the highest quality ingredients.  Their chips are kettle cooked for the ultimate combination of flavor and texture.  Not to mention, no preservatives, no artificial colors and no artificial flavors.  If I had to pick one that was my favorite out of all five, I would have to say the Sour Cream and Onion was my favorite.  My husband love the BBQ flavored one.

Now because I found chips that I actually love, they are my go-to snack for road trips, for snacks on the plane, for barbecues… actually for everything!  Instead of eating popcorn, I snack on these chips while watching a movie, I add these chips as our side dish for lunch and dinner as well.

These chips are so good you could just eat it alone, no dip needed!  Every bite will have you craving for more.  Make sure to add it to your list when prepping for a barbecue or a party.  Add it as an addition to your appetizers or as your side dish when serving your burgers and hot dogs, like we do.  It was such a hit at my sister’s party that we opened up all five bags!  You will have your guests asking for more because these chips are TO DIE FOR!   

Better yet, make everyone feel like a winner and serve these chips at your Super Bowl Party!  If you’re not hosting one this year, not worry, bring all five flavors with you to where ever it is you are headed to!

You can find these fancy bags of chips at any TJ Maxx, Home Goods, and Marshall Stores.  Throw out the bags of chips that you already have and head over to get these yummy bags of potato chips for yourself!  They are simply TO DIE FOR!

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