Bring out the faux fur!!

Winter calls for faux fur!!!

I am such a fan for faux fur! For some reason, it makes me feel even more fabulous than ever.   I have many different colors and this brown faux fur vest  from Shein is a new one to add to my collection.

Being out here in Las Vegas allows me to strut around town in my faux fur without looking crazy!  In Southern California, the weather is too hot that if you are caught wearing faux fur, you will look a bit crazy!

This brown faux fur vest  goes good with just about anything.  I chose to pair it with my little black dress.  I love dresses because it is easy and effortless.  You can also wear it with jeans and over the knee boots which I am sure I will be doing next.

Do you have some fur vests in your closet?  If not, click the links below to get one and start your own collection of faux fur!

Click the links below to check out the different options you can choose from!

black & white fur vest 

grey fur vest

white fur vest 

pink fur vest

pink and black fur vest

yellow fur vest

multi color fur vest 

Get this exact look here:

black peep toe heels 

brown faux fur vest  

Prada Exectutive Tote

textgram_1485635688-1-3This blog post is sponsored by Shein.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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