My style of Winter Coats

I don’t live where it snows or where it gets too cold that I need to own a bunch of coats.  But, because I do visit places that can, I do need to own at least a few.

When it comes to coats, it is obvious that I am a Fashionista by the way that I choose them.  My husband teases me a lot because instead of finding a coat with functionality, and versatility, I will find the one that is the cutest or the one that “looks” the best, then I will see what else it has to offer.  Ha! Ha! Oh well, I know that I am not the only female who does that.

Having a black coat is always a must in my book.  Black is such a classic color that I believe we all should love.  I had a hard time choosing between getting the red or the black one.  I kept telling myself over and over that I really did not need another black coat.  But then again, when I looked at all of the black coats that I do have, well… I don’t have one styled like this.  I love the drawstrings so much because I have a small waist and with this, I am able to make it tighter.

I love the way this coat looks and feels that I just had to get the red one too.  Blah, Blah, Blah is what my husband hears but I always get what I want, so I got both.  I got the red one because the color that you will find most of in my closet is black.  I wanted to be able to wear all black and have a pop of color which would be my coat.

I chose to get this particular coat also because of the length of it.  When choosing a coat, there are so many options that you have.  The length, the material, the look, the fit and so on.  This coat was the exact length that I was looking for.

If you don’t already know, I love wearing dresses.  I love wearing dresses especially on date nights with my husband.  Regardless what the weather is, I will wear a dress.  This is why a coat comes in handy for me and the length of it is important.

I do not like wearing a long midi dress with a coat that is too short.  It just does not look right.  When I wear dresses, regardless how long or short, the type of coat I wear plays a big role in my complete look.

When I wear a dress that is passed my knees, or knee length, I like wearing a coat that is longer that the dress itself.  Others may not care but me, no way… I won’t feel right going out like that.

This beautiful coat is from Popjulia, an online store that I came across recently.  I like the styles and options that they have.  They also have affordable prices.  If you are looking for the right coat, they have so many for you to choose from.

Click this link below to find the perfect coat to get you through the cold months ahead.


This blog post is sponsored by PopJulia. Photos belong to JJ Life & Style.

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