Watches from Wristology

I love being able to build your own watch.  Everyone has a different style, a style that shows an individual’s personality.  That’s why I am a fan of Wristology watches.  Not only do they have so many different styles to choose from, they allow you to build your own.  From the face of the watch, to the straps.  Now isn’t that amazing?!

Take a look at these two watches that I got from Wristology.  I am able to show off my style and personality by the accessories that I wear.  Both of these watches say a lot about me.  One is for my day looks and the other for my night.


The one on the left here, is the Stella Midnight in Silver.  I did not create this one because it is already just the way I like it. I love all things shiny, sparkly and blingy so this watch right here fits me perfectly!

This second watch on the right, is one that I created myself.  I chose the Olivia Gold Face and added the Navy Blue straps to it because I have a ton of blue in my closet, as you can see below. I am pretty surprised that I didn’t already own one in this color but thanks to Wristology, now I do!

Another thing great about this company is how you can preview the watch before purchasing it so that you have an idea of how it will actually look when you receive it.

Get your watch now! Click the link below:


Use code JJLIFE10 for 10% off your purchase

textgram_1485635688-1-1This blog post is sponsored by Wristology.  The photos used here belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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