Dressing up for Christmas Dinner

*Dressing up for Christmas dinner with my one and only*

I always try to find a sexy dress for Christmas Dinner.  This one is not for our family dinner, more like my date night dress with my love.

We celebrate Christmas with our family and also with ourselves.  A quiet night alone just the two of us to celebrate our love for each other and the birth of Christ.  We are strong believers and followers of Christ so we take things to another level when it comes to Jesus Christ’s birthday.  We have a birthday dinner for him.

We do the traditional gift giving because that is the way my family raised me, but me and my husband came up with our own tradition just for us.  We don’t open gifts on Christmas day, we open the gifts we give to each other days before.  We want Christmas Day to be for what it really is for, Jesus Christ.

Our faith is very strong and we wouldn’t be together without it.  Our foundation is base solely on our leader, God our Savior. We know that our love is unbreakable because it was bonded by God.

So, regardless how or why you celebrate Christmas every year, look your best and spice things up for your significant other like I do!  Take a look at some of my top picks for my Christmas Dinner look from Shein.  They are having a massive sale going on right now so don’t wait until Black Friday, head over now and fill your shopping cart with all that you want!!

Have options so that you will be ready to look your best for this Holiday Season!

Happy Shopping!



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