Danced the night away🕺🏾💃🏻

My husband and I love dancing but it has been about 7 years since we have gone out and hit the dance floor.  We go out on our date night’s but it is usually very low key.  We had our annual Marine Corps Birthday Ball this past Friday and this time we decided that after the ball, instead of just calling it a night and heading straight to our room to relax, we would change into comfortable clothes and head out for drinks.

We weren’t quite sure what we were going to do but I knew I was not going to continue my night in a ball gown and he was not going to walk around in his uniform.  We went up to our hotel room and I got dressed the same way I usually do, which is behind closed doors so that I could surprise my husband with my date night outfit.  This is a tradition of mine, I get ready in a different room or area of the house and he can’t see me until we are ready to leave.  It builds up excitement for both and I love seeing his reaction.

When I packed my luggage, I brought two different looks.  One look was a simple but yet sexy black dress.  This dress was just in case we were going somewhere fancy and I needed to dress appropriately for the occasion. The second dress I brought was this floral velvet dress that I got from my favorite online store, Shein.  I packed this one just in case we went to a bar or lounge at the casino.  I am so glad I did because we decided to check out the night club that was located at the Casino that we were staying at.

If you follow my blogs, you know that I get sexy from head to toe for my man.  This dress had his jaw dropping and I knew it would when I got it. Ha! Ha!  This dress was perfect for the club scene.

I like this dress because it is a midi dress but yet still sexy because it is fitted to show off the curves that my husband loves.  I didn’t have to worry about bringing a coat because the club was located just upstairs.  I completed my look by wearing my peep toe suede booties which complimented the little hints of pink on my dress.

This dress was a hit!  When I walked into the club, it was not as dark as I am used it being so everyone turned around and stared when I walked in.  Thankfully, my husband is very secure with himself that as he walked behind me, he smirked as he noticed that every guy was checking me out.  He loves knowing that the woman that everyone is staring at, belongs to him.

We danced the night away as if we were 21 all over again.  We were in our own love bubble dancing to the beat of the music.  Swaying away, bumping and grinding to the rhythm of our hearts that beat as one.  We had our eyes locked on each other as if we had just met at the club.  The best part was knowing that after each dance, after each sip of our alcoholic drink, after each sweaty kiss that we gave each other on and off the dance floor, that we were going home with each other as husband and wife!

A bit of advice I like to give to all the couples around the world is:

  1. Get dressed up and be sexy for your spouse as if it was a blind date.
  2. Never stop dating!
  3. Do things to impress your spouse, not everyone else!

Have a blast at whatever it is that you decide to do, it shouldn’t matter where you go but what should matter is what you wear!

To get the perfect outfit for your date night, shop here ——->  Shein or click the links below to get this look!

Floral Dress

I’ve added different types of shoes that would also look great with this dress

Pink Boots (similar)

Pink Lace Up Heels (use my code JJ25 for get 25% off your purchase)

Pink Strappy Heels

This blog post is sponsored by Shein. All photos used in this post belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.  Photo of shoes were taken from Shein & GuiltySoles website.

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