The Sky Bottle

Sky Bottles vs Hydro Flask, Sky Bottles vs any other bottle for that matter…

I am not a fan of drinking room temperature water, no thank you.  It would have to be a life or death situation for me to drink it.  I prefer drinking any of my beverages cold, and when I say cold, I mean ice cold.

When Hydro flask first came out with their water bottles, I have to be honest… I jumped for joy.  You don’t understand how excited I was! Well… let me be the one to tell you and you can judge for yourself.

I bought it in different sizes and colors! I went to the extreme of even buying the 64 oz.  I mean come on, I even got them for my husband.  I have one for my coffee, one for my water, another for as a back up to hold more water  (that one I keep in my car), another for my tea and one more for just ice. Ha! Ha!  I have a problem, I know! Go ahead and judge, I don’t mind.

But, before I went ahead and bought more than one,  I had to test them out first.  I am not a crazy spender to just go out and buy more than one because for no reason.  I bought more than one because they actually did what it says it does.

My husband and I filled up the 64 oz. water container with ice, left it out on our back patio (it’s where the sun hits all day), and checked on it every 3-4 hours.  We even took it in the car and left it in there too.  It lasted over three days!!! I mean, the ice wasn’t even completely melted but the water was extremely cold.  Now that is what made me go back and buy more.

I will have to say they are pretty pricey.  Plus, they charge extra for different lids.  Back when I got all of my water bottles, it didn’t even have a handle for it, it was just a twist top.  Now, it comes with flip lids, twist tops with a handle and more.

Then I found The Sky Bottle.  Oh how I wish I found this brand sooner.

The reason I am a fan of The Sky Bottle is because it works just as good as the Hydro Flask, but better because it comes with a Parachute cord also known as a paracord which is used as your handle.  I love the paracord because it also serves as a survival accessory. I knew about this before getting the bottle because my husband showed me how useful it is to have one.  I always have one in my car and in my handbag for “just in case” reasons.  I am thrilled because I have on with me all the time.  I say all the time because I take my Sky Bottle everywhere I go.

It also comes with a metal carabiner which can be used as a hook for your keys or to hook your canister to your gym bag or backpack.  I love it because sometimes I walk to the gym and I don’t take my backpack with me.  With this carabiner, I get to just hook my house keys to it and go.

Here is a look at my gym bag.  My backpack actually came with a side hook so I was able to hook my bottle to the side. (shown below).

My husband and I went on a hike this past weekend and his backpack did not have any outside pockets or side hooks like mine, but thanks to the carabiner, we were able to hook it right on the top handle of his pack.  As for me, I was able to hook my bottle off to the side.

I take my Sky Bottle with me everywhere.  I wish it came in different sizes but I am confident that they will be making more soon.

It comes in three colors for you to choose from.

I chose the Military Green, well duh!  I am a Military Wife so it suits me well.  Plus, I knew that if my husband needed to use it, it would look better with him (not like he cares about matching, like I do haha).

I am so happy with this product, I even got it in Navy Blue.  I wanted to be sure to have not one but two.  Of course, one for me and one for him.   He and I drink a lot of water each day so having just one wasn’t going to do it for us.

The Sky Bottle keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and warm for up to 6 hours because it is double walled and vacuum sealed.  I have listed great information for you below to prove how great The Sky Bottle is and why you should get on for yourselves!


Drink free of toxins, odor and unwanted taste because The Sky Bottle is made from durable Food Grade 18/8 stainless steel metal. It will never rust or leave a bad metal taste in your mouth. It’s also BPA-Free and lead-free.


Great for gym, outdoors, hiking, sports, active lifestyle because of its wide mouth opening that ensures easy ice cube filling. The straw lid is leak-free even when inverted.


All our tools are crafted to ensure that you experience absolute ease and high degree of performance while using them. Our Sky Bottle is the perfect example


It won’t sweat or slip  due to its premium powder coat. It won’t leave puddles or water marks on your desk because it keeps condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle. It’s easy-grip also looks stylish!

Includes 1 FULL YEAR no-questions-asked warranty. We are confident that The Sky Water Bottle will provide years of worry-free use and includes a Lifetime Warranty. Each time you re-fill your Sky Bottle you are joining our team to minimize the impact on our environment; and THAT is something to drink to!

Now if that doesn’t convince you to get The Sky Bottle for you then here’s more for you to know and learn about this product.

About The Sky Bottle

As many others located in the South Bay area, their goal is to treat their customers as family, and they want the best for their family!  They want to grow with you and support a healthier, happier lifestyle. What’s different about Sky Bottles you might ask? Their bottles are BPA free and environmentally friendly! Their bottles are so durable that you can enjoy a hot or cold beverage on the go to stay refreshed and hydrated, the choice is yours!

Speaking of these amazing bottles. . .

They believe that we should all do our part to create less waste in our environment. This product is designed to be stylish, sustainable and convenient so that you can take it with you anywhere whether you are going on a trek in the Rocky Mountains, a stroll on the beach or even running errands around town.

Their Team

As they are family, they want to share a little more about themselves! They believe in building a strong, transparent company that gives back to the community. They strive to minimize waste and maximize impact! Each time you re-fill your Sky Bottle you are joining their team to minimize the impact on the environment; and THAT is something to drink to!

Sky Bottles are going places and so are you!

Get The Sky Bottle now! Don’t overpay for the Hydro Flask! It’s just the name that you are buying!  The Sky Bottle is great and you get more for the price you pay, can’t beat that!

We love it so much that we are retiring our Hydro Flasks and sticking with just this one.

This blog post is sponsored by The Sky Bottle.  My review is based on my honest opinion about the product.  The links used in this blog post are from Google and The Sky Bottle website.  Photos used in this blog belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and The Sky Bottle.

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