My Shein Wishlist

I have a real obsession with midi bodycon dress, and one of my favorite places to find them at is Shein.

They have a great sale going on right now and here is some of the things that I have my eyes on right now…

I am very surprised that I don’t own a grey coat and  when I saw this one, because it looks so warm and cozy, this one has to added to my wishlist.  Not to mention, it is only $26.  It will definitely keep me warm throughout the cold Winter months especially since I will be moving out of sunny California.

The black and pink bomber jacket is a must have and is only $25.  My favorite color is pink and I always choose black before anything so this bomber needs to find it’s way into my closet, for sure.  I like light weight jackets because trust me, sometimes the weather is so nice that a full fur coat or wool coat is a bit too much.

The floral velvet dress with pink flowers is $15, and the black dress with hints of pink is $24, both of these dresses are right up my alley in style and of course I need to have it.  If you are a fan of my blog and follow my Instagram page then you will know that these type of dresses are my style.

The green floral velvet dress is also a must have because I love the Fall colors that are mixed into it and it is only $18.  I can throw on a long duster to cover up and I am good to go.  I can definitely wear this dress for date night and I know my that my husband will love it.

Head to Shein now to find pieces that represent your style and create a wishlist for yourself! Come on, with prices like that, how could you not shop here!  Don’t forget order a size up from your normal size.  These sizes run small.  Happy Shopping!! 🙂

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