🍁 Keeping it sexy thru Fall 🍂

Who says you have to cover it all up during Fall? I can answer that for you… NO ONE! Just because the weather is a bit chilly, it doesn’t mean you have to cover it all up😜

Autumn is the best season in my opinion because it starts to get cooler.  Many of you start to bring out your boots and sweaters but as far as Fall Fashion, it tends to get tricky out here in California.  We can’t bring those out just yet.  It has been so hot here that I sometimes get confused as to what season it is.

When it comes to date night, it is always a must to stay sexy.  Well, that’s my rule of course.  I keep my man looking my way because of the effort I put in.  Just because the weather is cooler, you won’t find me bundled up, not just yet at least.

My husband loves seeing me in bodycon dresses, and so do I.  But what do I do when I want to wear a sleeveless low cut bodycon dress with a slit on the side during the Fall?

I throw on my cardigan from Elegantees and my lace ups from Charlotte Russe.  To make sure that my outfit falls within the Fall Fashion Guideline, I choose Fall colors to stay on trend.  This camel color is the perfect example.

Not only did I rock floral prints during Spring to Summer, but I rocked it right into Fall.  I kept it fun, stylish and sexy all at the same time!

Don’t let the weather stir you from getting your sexy on.  Cover up with a cute cardigan or jacket, then slip on some sexy lace ups or peep toe booties.  Just remember, if you won’t be outdoors then there is no need to be covered up from head to toe!  We can save all of that for Winter.

Shop this look, click the links below:


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Floral Dress (similar)

Floral Dress (similar)

Lace up heels

Peep Toe Booties  

Peep Toe Booties 

textgram_1485635688-2.pngThis blog post is sponsored by Elegantees.  Pictures belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.  Links are from Shop Style Collective and Shein.

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