He is my Mickey & I’m his Minnie…

Sexy Minnie, that it!

I had such a fun time shooting with this outfit.  When I chose this dress from RoseGal, I thought it was a sexy dress.  I know what colors I look good in which is red and black so of course, I decided to go with this Red & Black Dress.

As we were shooting, my husband says, “you are the hottest Minnie Mouse ever!” It caught me off guard and I started laughing.  I was thinking more of a pin up girl but sexy Minnie will do just fine!

It didn’t hit me until I saw the pictures that this dress really does look like a Minnie Mouse outfit especially with Halloween right around the corner.  I am just missing my mouse ears.

Halloween is not something that we are into.  First off, I hate horror or anything scary and second, we hate how evil Halloween is.  We look at it as the Devil’s Day.  The day that the crazies come out to play.  It can also be such a dangerous day.  People dress up in costumes so you never know who or what is going to happen, whether good or bad.  We just opt out on any festivities.

This dress would actually work for someone who is semi into Halloween.  Not only is it a sexy dress but it would make for a good Minnie Mouse costume.  Just add your own accessories to it to make it more festive.

Speaking of Disney characters, it’s crazy to know that I have lived in Southern California for quite some time now and only been to Disneyland “The Happiest Place On Earth” once.  What??!! Yes, I know, I’m crazy! Yeah, yeah, I heard it a lot.  I guess I will miss it once I am gone.  When I am living in a different country, I am sure I am going to kick myself.  You know what they say, “you never know how good you have it until you don’t anymore.”

I guess it really comes down to the fact that because my husband and I do not have any kids, we didn’t feel the need to go as often.  He took me there one year as a birthday present and I will have to say that I am one out of many that will raise my hand and say one and done.  Once was good enough for my husband and I.

Not to mention, we both are not into riding rides so it really was more of a sight seeing adventure for us.  We are weird, but we are perfectly weird together.  Some call us boring but if you know us personally then you know that we really do not care what people say or thing about us.  We kind of do our own thing at our own pace. Us against the world kinda thing!

For those of you who plan to visit Disneyland here are some little tips:

Military?  Go to ITT on base and purchase your tickets Disneyland tickets there.  It is a cheaper way and you can choose a day pass or a 3-day pass.  Always ask the shops and restaurants there if they offer a military discount.  You will be surprised, some do! If you don’t ask, they won’t tell!

Pets?  Stay near by like the La Quinta or Extended Stay.  They are pet friendly, offer a military discount and there is a shuttle that takes you right to the park.  Let’s be honest, do you really need a 5 star luxury hotel when majority of the time you will be out and about.  We are not fancy when it comes to where we stay, especially when we are out on an adventure.  Our main priority is being able to take our fur babies with us where ever we go. Also, you can’t beat that these hotels serve you breakfast. There is also The Anaheim Garden Walk is right across the street.  All you have to do is cross the street and you are there in 2 minutes.

First Timers? Don’t be stupid and say we will figure it out when we get there…  Time will go by fast.  You may thing you can do and see the whole park in one day, but you can’t unless you do your research before hand.  Also, don’t forget to read the rules so you know what you can and cannot bring to the park.  Come on, did you know that you can’t bring your selfie stick into the park?  That was definitely something that I did not think would be on the list.  Regardless, it is always good to prepare yourself especially when it will be an all day event.

What to wear? It is obvious that you should wear comfy clothes and shoes.  I would highly recommend that you bring bring a hat for during the day, a light jacket for the evening, and wear a backpack.  Some of us, especially women, we like to carry a big tote or a cross body bag but to be honest, a backpack is a life saver.  You can throw your jacket, sunscreen, granola bars and snacks, and everything else in between that will get you through your day.  Oh, if you are a germophobe like me, don’t forget your hand wipes and hand sanitizer!

Those are just a few things that I wanted to share with you based on our experience.  The rest of it, I am sure you got it covered.

Have fun dressing up for Halloween and have an amazing time if you are headed to Disneyland

This blog post is sponsored by Rose Gal.  All photos used belong to JJ Life & Style.


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