Fall is here! No, not really.

Winter, Spring, Summer, & Fall- NOT here, not yet at least!

Fall is here… Well, not really.  I do love having great weather all year round but to be honest, I would love to experience all of the seasons.  Here in Southern California, you just don’t, period.

Autumn started back in September for everyone else, meanwhile we are still having the Summer heat waves here.  When it comes to being a Fashion Blogger, it really does make it hard to keep up.  I have all the Fall pieces but it is just way to hot out here to be rocking a sweater with boots.  I tried to wear a sweater the other day for a photo shoot and I was sweating before we even started.  Now that is ridiculous!

Not to mention, some companies that I work for have mentioned that they would like more of an Autumn themed background.  Reallllllllllly?  This is what frustrates me.  I would love that too, but living in Southern California, there is not much I do.  For one, I can’t control the weather, (believe me, if I could, leaves would be all over the ground and the beautiful Autumn tones would be everywhere.  We have palm trees, blue skies, and blue waters… okay hold on… that just sounded like a dream… ha ha. Let me start over.

As a Fashion Blogger, it helps to have seasons, especially when it comes to pictures and dressing up.  So, as far as the palm trees, blue skies etc., living here is amazing but I guess I am 1 out of million that does not want this weather ALL YEAR LONG! Go ahead and hate me, I already know… I’m crazy right?!

Fashion Bloggers have the responsibility to deliver fashion trends and show you styles to help you look your best.  I can’t just show you cute outfits in sundresses and wedges because the weather here allows me to.  That is just crazy.  The rest of the world can’t wear that anymore.  It takes much more work than that.  So what do I do?  How do I make it work?

I find the happy medium.  My happy medium is finding pieces that will allow me to blend in with my environment but keep me on trend.  I found this cute burgundy floral long sleeve blouse from my favorite online shop, SHEIN.

The thin material made it easy for me to stay cool under the type of Summer weather  we have here.  The color is perfect which kept me on trend with the season.  I was able to wear my ankle Tassel Booties which complimented the blouse well.  I received compliments about it every where I went… Now that makes a Fashion Blogger very happy!

This look right here is my way of making it work.  Regardless where you live, you can still stay on track and be a fashionista, without looking crazy and out of place.

Find this exact blouse <here>.  This company has all of the fashion trends at such affordable prices.

Head over now to add more pieces to your wardrobe.  They are having an Anniversary Sale that ends on 10/18/17.  They have huge discounts and FREE shipping going on now!!

Shop at SHEIN

This blog post is sponsored by Shein.  Photos used in this photo belong to JJ Life & Style.

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