Wedding guest at it’s best!

Tips on finding the perfect wedding guest outfit

When it comes to weddings, it is only right to make sure you are dressed appropriately.  The first thing that comes to mind before purchasing a wedding guest outfit, is to figure out if there is a dress code for the wedding.

When I had my wedding, I had a specific dress code for my guests.  It makes things easier for your guests when it comes to picking out an outfit, and not to mention, as the bride and groom, it allows for you to have your special day be exactly the way you want it without any issues like what a guest is wearing.  Believe me, I have been to weddings where I had to say under my breath, “what is she wearing!”

The second thing I do is find out where the wedding will be located and where the reception will be.  Some wedding ceremonies start in a church and the reception is located at a different location.  You don’t want to be wearing a formal gown to a beach wedding, or a sundress to a wedding that will held at a church and there after at a fancy hotel in the grand ballroom.

The third thing that I factor in before going shopping is of course, the season.  I don’t want to wear a bright yellow or pink florescent dress to a Winter wedding.  Oh no, I refuse to be “that guest” Ha Ha, no thank you.

When you figure out those important factors, then you can start your hunt on finding the perfect wedding guest dress.

My husband and I had the pleasure to attend a wedding this past weekend.  The wedding was held in Southern California.  It is now Autumn but in Southern California, we still have Summer heat.  It doesn’t start getting cooler here until early November.

When it came to down to choosing the right dress, I knew I was going to stick with the Fall colors because the wedding is in October.  I was stuck between choosing a burnt Orange dress, a Navy Blue or this Burgundy Lace Dress .

I went with the Burgundy Lace Dress  because it was the most appropriate one.  The lace details makes the dress elegant and the style of it made it sexy but still classy.  The ruffles at the bottom added a perfect touch to the dress, which also made it the right length for me.


I received so many compliments on this dress that it made me feel like it was my day and not the bride’s.  I am very pleased on how this dress turned out.  I was very skeptical because when you order online, you never know how it will fit or look on you until you receive it.

This dress is from a company called RoseGal.  They have many choice for you to choose from and the best part is, it is affordable.  Click the link below to find the perfect dress for you.

Lace Dresses 

I also linked some heels to go with the dress.  Click the links below for details

Burgundy Heels 

Burgundy Heels

Burgundy Chunky Heels 

This blog post is sponsored by RoseGal.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE and affiliate links are from Shop Style Collective.

One thought on “Wedding guest at it’s best!

  1. U look wonderful in this dress, the colour is amazing. Im not surprised that you stole the show at the wedding! That 1st pic is stunning btw, u have stunning legs. x


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