The Perfect Red Dress

Christmas time is just around the corner, and with that being said, finding the perfect holiday dress is always an issue for me.

My husband and I attend a few gatherings throughout the holidays so I start searching for my holiday dresses early.   Not to mention, being a fashionista, the number rule is to never show up wearing the same dress twice, especially to an event.

There is always the holiday party with friends.  This is wear I can be comfortable and not have to worry so much about getting dolled up, well at least that is the kind of friends we have (come as you are, “COMFY”).

Then there is the family gathering….. This is where we as females, like to dress it up to out do your sister or your cousin or your cousins wife but still not look like you are headed to the club after dinner.  HaHa, you know I am speaking the truth here.

Then of course there is the work party, where we all need to still dress appropriately, but cuter than we would on a normal work day.  This is where my difficulty comes in.  I am so picky when it comes to what I wear to a work function.  You want to look good but not too good that your boss or spouse’s boss is busy eyeing you up and down.

This ruffled red dress from StyleWe is perfect for just that.  It fits loosely which works for me because I can hide my curves.  Yes, I did say “hide” my curves.  Like I always say… “There is always a time and place for that!”

The ruffles on the sides makes this red dress so fun and stylish. You can even wrap black or white ribbon around your waist to give it an even more fun and festive look.  To top it off by putting on a Santa hat and you turn into Mrs. Clause!!

Regardless how you decide to wear it, this dress will help you look fabulous!

Click here for this exact dress

Red Dress

This blog post is sponsored by StyleWe.  All photos used on this post belong to JJ Life & Style.

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