Dressing the part…

Dressing the part as a wife of a First Sergeant of the Marine Corps is very important.  I am representing my husband who is of higher rank so how I carry myself, and how I dress is a reflection of my husband.

Yes I love looking sexy for him but there is always a time and place for certain outfits.  When we go on date nights I tend to show a bit more skin. My husband loves when I show off my curves, and I show them off because I know it makes him smile. When he looks at me, he says that he feels proud to be my husband.

When it comes to a specific Marine Corps function, I always double check with my husband for his approval.  I have so much respect for what he does that it means a lot to me to know that my outfit is appropriate and that he approves of it.

This lace dress is a perfect example of what I like to wear to my husband’s work functions.  It is sexy enough without showing too much. The length of this dress is the perfect length for me.  When I wear dresses, I always choose the knee length dresses.  I strongly believe that at my age, it is the most appropriate and acceptable dress.

I got this beautiful lace dress from a company called StyleWe.  They have great pieces to choose from.  I love the satin wrap that goes around my waist which allowed for me to show off my waistline.  You can wear it with or without the wrap, either way it looks amazing.

I also paired this dress with these beautiful chandelier earrings from Stella & Dot.   These earrings are light weight and goes great with everything.  I decided to pair them with this look because I thought it was a great way to change things up from my usual diamond stud earrings.   I got these chandelier earrings in silver.  It also comes in Gold and Rose Gold.

Please click the links below to get this exact look:

Lace Dress 


Thank you for stopping by and I am sure you will find the perfect piece for you from StyleWe.

This blog post is sponsored by StyleWe.  The pictures used on this post belong to JJ Life & Style.

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