How I transition to Fall in California

Fall is just around the corner…

I always have a hard time transitioning my wardrobe from Summer to Fall.  Southern California pretty much has the Summer type of weather all year round.  Yes, I know, we are very spoiled here on the West Coast.

When the normal fashionista is wearing knee high boots and sweaters, Californians are still in maxi and sun dresses with flip flops and sandals.  It makes it pretty difficult to stay on trend when the weather is stuck on Summer.

What I like to do in this case, I look for outfits that have a mixture of both Summer and Fall.  How?  Well, let me get into it….  First off, I will look for specifics items that have Autumn colors.   Colors such as, brown, mustard yellow, burnt orange, burgundy etc.  This way I am still within the fashion guidelines for the season without looking crazy in a sweater and boots and it is 90 degrees out.

In California, you want to dress appropriate to blend in with your environment.  I live on the coast, 5 minutes from the beach, and I definitely don’t want to be walking around with boots, jeans and a sweater.  But on the other hand, living so close to the water, it tends to get a bit chilly during the night.  So what is the smart thing to do?  Well, duh, bring a jacket, or a scarf.

Unless it is 70 degrees or below (which here it doesn’t quite hit that until the Winter months), you can still get away with wearing maxi dresses and sandals.  My happy medium, like I mentioned earlier is to choose the colors of the season.  I may not stick to using flip flops or open toe sandals but I will throw on a pair of peep toe booties.

Peep toe booties is a great way to transition to Fall.  Some fashionistas will wear over the knee boots but for me, I will stick to ankle boots or peep toes until November or so.

Whatever your style is, just make sure it is works with the environment you are in.  Put it this way, you would not see someone wearing flip flops and it is raining or snowing outside.  You would not see someone with a puffer jacket and it is 90 degrees out.  You would not see someone wearing a bikini in the snow, (unless they are crazy of course).

I rounded some pieces for you to see what I mean by “keeping within fashion standards” for the season without looking crazy.  Click the links below to find your own outfits to help you transition to Fall.

Tube top Jumpsuit 

Floral Jumpsuit

Burgundy Jumpsuit

Navy Floral Jumpsuit

Red Jumpsuit

White Geometric Print Dress

Color Block Maxi 

Military Green Dress

textgram_1485635688-1The links used in this blog post are from Shein.  Fall photo was found on Pinterest.

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