The perfect beach cover up

In my younger years, wearing a cover up was unheard of.  A two piece bikini was perfect enough for me.  The only type of cover up I had was a dress to put over my bikini.

When I got married, covering up became a must.  There is only one person that I want able to see me in a two piece bikini, and that is my husband.  In my opinion, showing off my body is no longer an option.  I have too much respect for my husband to allow another man to look at my body.

When it comes to looking for a cover up, I am always in search of one that is versatile and that is stylish and cute.  A Kimono is perfect because you don’t have to just wear it as a beach cover up, it can be used over a tank top, or tube top and jeans, or thrown over a dress.

I got this beautiful Kimono from SHEIN.  This specific one is sold out but I linked similar Kimonos below that would be the perfect beach cover up.   They are all under $25, so head over now by clicking any of the links below.

Mixed Print Kimono

Rose Print Kimono 

Crochet Kimono 

Cherry Blossom Kimono

White Pom Pom Kimono 

Disclaimer: This blog post is sponsored by Shein.  The photos in this blog post belong to JJ Life & Style and Shein.

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