The Perfect Hobo Handbag

The Perfect Hobo Handbag

When it comes to handbags, I am very picky.  I always look for bags that have great quality and style.  I came across this company called Tignanello  and was intrigued to see the different styles and colors they offered.

Tignanello is known for their premium One Touch collection.  It features naturally finished top-grain leather.  Since 1989, they have been crafting fine hobos, satchels, and other accessories.  They created a fashionable and affordable style that we all can love.

This particular handbag I have is one of my favorite styles.  It is the called the Hobo Style Handbag.  This smooth leather hobo handbag is from Tignanello.  I love having zippers on my bags to keep all of my belongings secure and this bag has just that.  It also has two vertical zip pockets in the front for easy access to things like your phone.   Come on, this day in age, we can all agree that our cell phones are the most important thing to be able to access ha ha.

I love the single strap on this bag because to me, it is much more comfortable to wear on your shoulder.  This strap is soft and forms to your shoulder leaving it very comfortable to carry all day.  It is so soft that you can also wear it hang on your forearm.  When I have a handbag with two straps, one always tends to fall off my shoulder and that really annoys me ha ha.

The interior of the bag has a front wall slip pocket that has four protected credit card slots, a back wall zip pocket and this is the best part…. it also comes with a pin-snap closure to hang your keys on.  I am such a fan of that, because I hate losing my keys in my bag and having to shuffle around to look for them.  With this pin-snap closure, it makes it so easy to find.

This bag is spacious and can hold a ton of things.  If you are like me, I take almost my whole house with me when I am on the go, so having a lot of space is a must for me.  I like how long the strap is because I hate when bags have short straps that fall right under my arm pit.  It makes it so uncomfortable to wear.  This strap measures at 12″ which allows you to be able to throw it on your shoulder and take it off at ease.  If you are wearing a puffy jacket or a sweater, the strap is long enough that you can still be able to put it on comfortably.

I would have to say that this is definitely a great every day handbag.  I decided to choose this bag in fuchsia, not only because any shade of pink is my favorite color, but because I knew that it would be great to wear this Summer with all of my Summer maxi dresses.

It comes in four different colors.  The classic black and brown that you can wear all year round, Fuchsia, like the one that I have, and a pretty light Yellow, which is perfect for Spring and Summer.

Check out the link below for more on this Hobo Handbag that was also featured on QVC.

Tignanello Hobo Handbag

This will make the perfect gift for anyone!  Click this link Tinganello to see all the great styles they have.  Hurry and get one now!

textgram_1485635688-4Disclaimer:  This blog post is sponsored by Tignanello.  Some photos used on this post are from QVC and others belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.   This review is based on my honest opinion on the product.

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