Gloves In A Bottle

A great lotion for your hands and body

I have very sensitive skin so when it comes to skin products, I am very picky.  I have been using the same lotion for over 10 years on my body and it has been working fine except for when it comes to the dryness on my feet.

I am like every woman out there, my heels get very dry and crack, leaving my feet to become rough and unpleasant.  When I was Gloves In A Bottle  got in contact with me to try out their Shielding Lotion, I did not refuse.  I wanted to try it because I have been searching for a lotion that would help me get my feet back to being soft again.

I tried this product out for two weeks now, and I have been seeing a difference.  I would rub it in on my feet before bed so that I can allow it to moisturize my feet while I sleep.

This product is a lotion that helps enhance your skin’s ability to retain natural oils and moisture.  It protects against irritation, harsh soaps and other common household and cosmetic products that strip moisture out of the skin.  It is non greasy, it absorbs fast and it lasts even through multiple washes.

I will continue to use this product because after two weeks, and after using it while I was in the Las Vegas,  where my skin was constantly drying out, I have seen a difference.  I know that if I continue to use this lotion every night, that it will get me to where I want to be, with soft, smooth, silky skin.

Click the link below to get a bottle for yourselves.

Gloves In A Bottle 


Disclaimer:  This blog post is sponsored by Gloves In A Bottle.  The review is base on my honest opinion about the product.  JJ LIFE & STYLE was not paid to say the things listed above.  All photos belong to JJ LIFE & STYLE.

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