The color PINK

Everyone knows it by now, especially if you follow my blog and Instagram that my favorite color is pink.

My mom raised me to be a girly girl so yes, my room was pink and everything I owned growing up was also pink.  My mom put me through modeling and pageants like every other mom in this world so yes, I am a girly girl who plays with make up, has fake nails, wears fake lashes, and struts around in high heels.  But do not let my girly ways fool you, my dad raised me to a tom boy or I should say a girl with boyish traits.

Back in the day when I was growing up, WNBA was not even around yet.  Girls playing basketball or boxing or anything like that for that matter, was not embraced.  Women joining the military was not even talked about in my family.  But as for my dad, because he did not have a son, he used me and taught me things that he would have taught his son, if he had a boy.

He taught me how to play basketball, he taught how to box, he taught me how to fix a car, how to do the yard, how to fix things, basically how to get my hands dirty and not cry when I broke a nail haha. He wanted me to be an independent woman and at the same time kept reminding me that one day when I get married, my husband will thank him because I will be able to sit and watch sports like basketball and football, drink a beer and hang like one of the boys.

I have to admit, my husband did thank him because I really can hang with the boys.  I sit and watch football with my husband, talk sports with him, drink with him, shoot hoops, go to the gun range with him, that’s just to name a few.  What boys can do, I can do too.

My dad’s favorite sister was my aunt Marybelle, who was like a mother to me.  She and I were very close and her son and I are like brother and sister.  I hung out with my cousin everyday so my tom boy traits came in handy.  He played with ninja turtles and pretended to be a super hero and of course, I played along.  I did not bring my girly ways around him but when I went home, it was back to playing with my barbies.

My dad had no boys so he treated my cousin like his son and my aunt had no girls so she treated me like her daughter.  We were all very close and nothing could come between the bond that we all shared.

My aunt was diagnosed with cervical cancer which then led to breast cancer.  It was rough to see her so sick and to watch her battle against this ugly disease.  It was as hard for me as it was for my cousin.   It took life out of us, the happiness we all had around us turned into a dark cloud because we knew that she was slowly losing the fight.

Everyday that passed, we made the most of it.  She still would try her best to drive my cousin and I to school, play games with us, help us with our homework, and cook for us. Whether she was weak or not, she always went out of her way.  My cousin and I were very young so there was not much we could do for her.  We were too young to cook for her, and too young to drive, so we just gave her unconditional love and quality time.

We knew that we it was getting worse when she stopped being able to drive us to school.  It was hard to even get up to go to school because I remember my cousin and I just wanting to stay home with her to keep her company.

She was the sweetest woman I knew.  She had the prettiest smile, the biggest heart, the perfect laugh, the sweetest voice.  When she looked at you, you could see the love that she had for you through her eyes.  When she touched you, it was like being touched by an angel.  When she hugged you, it was like nothing could touch you because you felt the protection in her embrace.

When we lost her it was like the world ended.  It was hard seeing my cousin so sad because the only memories I have with him was happy moments.  My cousin and I are only a year apart and as his older cousin, I tried to be there for him as much as I could.  I tried to be his strength even though I knew I was as broken as he was.

In 2003, the color pink became more meaningful to me than just a color.  When I heard and saw what some of the organizations were doing, it made my heart smile.  Breast Cancer Awareness is an annual international health campaign organized by major breast cancer charities and to increase awareness of the disease and to raise funds for research.  Their mission for this is to bring awareness to those affected by breast cancer.

October is breast cancer awareness month where many of us wear the color pink to show our support for breast cancer survivors, patients, friends and family.  For me, wearing the color pink not just in October is my way of sharing my support all year round.

When I came across Domenic’s page on Instagram and saw this beautiful breast cancer awareness Pink Pearl set, my heart melted.  I reached out to him because I was interested in this specific piece.  He has so many beautiful Tahitian Pearl pieces that you will love.

Tahitian Pearls reminds me of Hawai’i, where I am from, but this Pink Pearl Set represents a much more meaning message.  This is such a unique piece that I had to have.  I have so many accessories but nothing like this.

He was such a pleasure to work with.  He spreads his aloha by donating pieces like this to those who were affected by the disease.  It was an amazing feeling to hear him say that.  There are so many good people around us like Domenic that do good things for the community and this is such a good way to support a good cause.  It is such an honor for me to be able to share this beautiful and unique Pink Pearl Set with all of you.

Click here—> MILKMAN808 to see other beautiful creations by Domenic.

Mahalo for stopping by and allowing me to share my story with you.  I hope that it inspires you to support those who suffer with diseases like breast cancer.

See what colors your can wear to support other cancers.

textgram_1485635688-4Disclaimer:  This blog post is sponsored by Milkman808.  Links and photos were found on Google.

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