You can take the girl from the island…


but not the island from the girl…

You can take the girl from the island, but not the island from the girl.  Because the island stays in my heart and I’ll never forget where I’m from…

Those words were taken from a very popular Hawaiian song from Justin Young called NEVER FORGET WHERE I’M FROM.  Although I left the Island of Mau’i over 15 years ago, I am still an island girl at heart.

I do have to admit, I love the city life more than I do the island life.  It is because I thrive for success, I love adventures, I love trying and doing new things, and I love learning more about the world by seeing and experiencing it firsthand.  Being stuck on the island did not allow me to do that.

Island life is also a bit too laid back and slow pace for me.  Don’t get me wrong, Hawai’i is a very beautiful place, but I just could not see myself living there my whole life.  I do try to visit from time to time but no matter how far I am from home, I carry the island spirit with me where ever I go.

I am constantly on the I move because of my husband’s career, which allows me to experience new and different things.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to be able to live a life like this.  City living or not, I am still a true island girl.

I enjoy listening to my island and reggae music which brings me back to my childhood days and growing up on the island.  I find myself rocking to island and reggae music everyday in my car, and it always gives me a cool vibe.  I also still love Hawaiian food, how could you not?!  I have never come across anyone who tried it, that did not enjoy it.  In fact, they always come back asking for more.

My husband is not the same ethnicity as I am, but our cultures are very similar.  I am so blessed to have a husband that is not picky especially when it comes to food.  He loves the culture and the food so much that Hawaiian food is on the menu every week.  So, regardless if I live on the island or not, I bring the island to me.

The flower in my ear is called the Ti’are, also known as the Gardenia flower.  It is the national flower of Tahiti.  Believe it or not, this flower I am wearing is not real.  It is an accessory that we, the people of Hawai’i, as well as Polynesians, love to wear either on our ear or placed around or inside of a bun.  Since I don’t have Ti’are flowers easily accessible around me, I knew that I needed to own one.  When I am not wearing it in my hair, I like to keep it in my car as a simple reminder of where I am from.

Since I knew that I wanted to wear my pretty white Ti’are in my hair, I knew that this  White lace top would perfect.  The off the shoulder style is great because it shows off a woman’s shoulders, which we all know is sexy but at the same time keeping it classy with the lace details.  To me, lace always gives off a classier vibe.

I also decided to style it with denim jeans and comfortable wedges to give it more of a casual look.  I knew that a good casual look was appropriate for this vacation.

The resort that we stayed at had a very tropical setting, which was gorgeous.  I was surrounded by so many beautiful flowers and one that caught my eye…  The Bird of Paradise, which again reminds me of Hawai’i.  I was surprised not to see any Plumeria flowers or the Ti’are flowers.  To be honest, it did not bother me because I had my own anyway ha ha.

Hawai’i is definitely a place that everyone should consider visiting.  As for me, I have the privilege of saying that I was born and raised there, and that is blessing to be able to say.

Regardless where I live… Hawai’i or not… I will always be an Island girl.

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